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    Called my brother at home this morning and had him try this and same issue format failed. See pic attached that he sent me. I guess I'll deal with this when I get back. I also had him send me the debug log, not sure if it'll say anything, but here it is


    • debug.txt

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    Thanks guys, I will check all these out, most I had already done but I will try the sequence that Rob mentioned and report back. I'm away for a few days but will give it a go when I get back. Keep the suggestions coming just in case, LOL

    I will also see what Sandisk tells be for the heck of it.


    I've had this issue before. I am able to get LE back up and running on my RPI 2 using a new SD card, I was also able to transfer my files over using the file manager once I setup the new card.

    The issue I'm having and it's driving me crazy, and not that I need the old SD card, but I'm determined to get it back working, LOL, I've tried everything to format the corrupted SD card, but no luck, I've done a check disk and no issues were found. I've tried numerous programs to format the card and failed every time, I've even tried in the Windows command prompt and no luck. Anyone have any other suggestions. Like I said it's simply a challenge now, LOL It is a Sandisk 8GB Micro SD card,

    I've used the below apps

    SD Card format

    Windows format

    Ease US

    All above to no luck

    I'll take any suggestion, Also I can delete the files from the SD card from one partition, but once I close out and check again files are back there. I don't need to save anything on the card simply want to format it. I even tried putting it in my camera and format from there and no such luck. =O:(:(


    I've searched for this but could not find a concrete answer. I'd like to be able to connect my RPI 2 with LE to my XfinityWiFi, but it requires to sign in with account name and password, but the LE does not give that info to login.

    I have internet at work but it's a slow package, so if I use my internet on LE then it makes everything else I use at a snail pace, so if I can connect to the public XfinityWiFi which the signal is strong, it would make it easier for me.

    Is this possible ?? 8)

    the skin is outdated and likely not updated to the current features anymore, typical problem of outdated 3rd party skins

    if you update LE you get whatever is at that version - you can't cherry pics programs/drivers/kodi version like you can do it at for example Ubuntu

    its an complete os in one file

    Any suggestions on a similar skin ?? I don't like Estuary, I like having a Home button and Beck button on home screen. and of course the home shortcuts and favs.

    That's why I don't see it, Because I'm using Confluence skin.


    you always update complete LE, incl all drivers, kodi etc ...

    your userdata is ofc still there after update

    What do you mean about the above.

    DJB628 you can also update with img.gz files since LE7 :) no need for tar files anymore

    at skin settings you can disable the homescreen shortcuts

    Yes I know, but I don't see the one for Games ?? Nor do I see the feature to enable Subtitle when they talk a different language

    For future you saying if I put the Img file now in the update folder it'll also update Kodi version ??