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    not had a lot of luck trying to use two usb sticks the intallation just wants to intall to hard drive tried copying files ect. but with no luck. I have found a puppy linux distro xenial dog and it is ubuntu based and has latest kodi on it so made a live cd and booted that and could then install to hard drive partition. Would be great if libre could do a live cd, don't know if its possible?

    right I booted my other laptop from a usb stick which i made with rufus and it booted, when I tried the sony it wouldn't boot, I think it won't boot from external device if there is a boot sector present on the hard drive which is really annoying and stupid, I am going to have to try to put kodi on a partition and try to boot through my grub for dos somehow. I will need to know what kind of partition to make and whether I need a boot flag and how to point my mbr to it. If anyone can help that would be great. I really need to use the sony as it has good wireless and is the only one that will work upstairs which is where i want to use kodi later at night. thanks for all your help up to now.

    the firmware didn't change, it booted and ran from usb when there was no system on laptop then it wouldn't boot and run after I installed libre to hard drive on it, whether something wrote to the live usb when i installed the sytem to hard drive and stopped the usb being bootable I don't know but it has buggered that usb now and I am going to get another and make another bootable usb and try with that.

    thanks for your responses, still don't understand why the usb would boot and run when no partitions on hard drive and then when I made a bootable partion and installed an operating system on it it wouldn't boot the usb after that. the laptop is a sony vaio and quite high spec, obviously I changed boot sequence to boot external device first. Really I should be able to run live from usb, surely? grub for dos is the bootloader I used.

    I had a blank hard drive on old laptop and created the live usb stick and it ran fine, i then installed windows xp on a partition on the drive and installed a grub dos boot loader because windows kept crashing the install but finished when I installed the boot loader from a puppy linux cd and now the live libre elec usb won't boot. any ideas? I don't mind creating a partition and installing it but don't know how to do that and would need to alter boot loader. I did install the live usb to hard drive but it installed on the whole of a 365gb hard drive so I wiped that and thought I'd put a few different systems on. Any help appreciated.

    got the box to boot by using the libre sd creator, I think the other cd creator I was using had problems because i was using a usb reader to make the image, I have it working now but it will still not run upstairs, it maybe to far from the router but I had android and kodi working previously well up there and then that stopped working so I though I'd try libre, it works downstairs so could there be something thats changed for it to stop working upsairs?

    Is android still running when i boot libre from sd card?

    I have M9Cmax and am trying to boot libre from sd card, don't know if I am having problems because I have the wrong dtb or what, can never boot from card unless I do it through update then point to empty zip then it mounts card but says this

    E:footer is wrond

    I:verify_file returned 1

    E:signiture verification failed

    do you know the correct dtb?

    can you boot your box from sd?

    tried the reset button method just boots to recovery menu

    I have a tonbux t11, which I have flashed usb to usb with a 905x firmware it says the box is a m9cmax box and it works but the internet is shocking, only want kodi so I thought i would try libre but the s905x logo comes on and it goes to recovery but does not boot to libre. The box would not boot from sd card before when i tried a android rom, it did however flash through amolic burning tool usb to usb through pc. Is can i use the usb amolic burning tool to put libre on box, this i know would take android off but can it be done. If anyone knows if this box can be booted from sd can they tell me? I would like to dual boot really , it dosn't have the option to boot to recovery in the reset options. Also the image i have has one type of dtb file and i know how to alter this trying sd method but if the amolic burn works it uses an image file how do I get the right image file with my dtb i need?

    The box worked well for a while watching plenty of stuff on kodi then it wouldn't play anything, reinstalled everything and it worked well again and then stopped again when the browser was opened it took ages for page to load even though signal was good, though i would try a firmware flash as the original had happyplay and happy cast running in background even though I never used it and couldn't find it then couldn't delete it, when the new flash worked i thought i was in buisness again the internet was so slow it was unusable, the first few times of browser page loading isn't to bad then it times out, maybe the wifi is shot but sometimes it worked for a few weeks then didn't again. I was going to try libre to see if that worked but I belive this box is blocked from booting from sd somehow, These are the details of the box .. chipset ar94 2ghz...cpu octo-core mali 450....2 gb ddr3 8gb flash amolic chip s905x board says g9cx_2_vo.95 on sticker and g9sx_vo.96 2016/11/23 printed on board on back of board there is a chip with grp47Dgshd on it .... installed amologic s905x image on it and now it says it is a m9cmax box..

    Any help appreciated

    Do some boxes just not boot from sd?

    can i burn image usb to usb on pc ?

    can anyone tell me which dtb I would need for this box and how i would manipulate this onto my image?