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    5schatten given i need to get off my lazy duff and Just get a USB reader soon (im getting mighty tired of swapping that Mac mini in n out so much) with how you've made the /flash Fat32 partition's FS protected its not possible to make a change remotely say to config.txt thru putty unless you have something in /storage im just not seeing that im bloody well blind too? since before i go n backup my specially partitioned spare SD card for my Rooted Retron5, and use it as a test for the upstream base LE9 to see if the bug is still present, i want to see if manually telling it to set SDTV_Mode=1 (being im in the US / using an NTSC tv) would clear this up and sidestep the issue if it even IS an issue.

    i have noticed something strange, that wasn't occurring w/ the beta builds.

    the CRT TV i use kinda needs replacing (it has an overscan problem and display goes outside the screen somewhat. ) so i haveto w/ alot of systems, make adjustments where possible. The Pi? its been bit of a handfull, w/ the beta builds of RR i only had to set video Overscan adjustments once, and that was the end of it. Now, its resetting on every reboot. what changed since Beta 16 to RC 2a in regards to to video calibration? and for any logs you'd need which one would be helpful?

    Well just use the built in backup function of LE grab the backup make a clean install and restore it. On the other hand setting up 3 Addons is not worth the hazzle if you ask me. I mean you basically have to add a repo, install the addon & enter your user name. My build is based on LE 9.0 upstream so any addon & LE setting should still be compatible.

    just up n did that copied my backup folder, backed up my ROMs (im going to bet i may need to Remake any symlinks for Amiberry and everything, i dont remember what page back in this thread you helped me w/ that in regards to whdload that is.. and was one of the bigger reasons i wante dto avoid a backup n reflash. that and adding my Youtube API Keys to get around the default Addon one that gets Query limited by everyone that uses the Kodi add-on)

    but Off the Pi still suffers from one annoyance i've had since day one ! its analog out continues to be a Pain in my backside. (i use my 3B+ in a room as i've mentioned a few times before w/ a lot of pre-HD Consoles) and testing audio after a restart i got a annoying bug which cleared up after changing audio devices and a few more reboots.

    "Pitch Change upon Setting to Pi: Analog"

    that was however the first time not only was it accompanied by a pitch change that didnt want to go away after the first reboot, but there was studder in audio hissing popping that didnt clear up till the pitch change did. i know there's not much you can do in the future to mitigate it 5schatten given im likely one of verry few use edge cases that uses Reborn Remix in this manner. (or that you even have a Zune or compatible "Tip Ring Ring Sleeve" Cable for the Pi and tv to test with. but anyway now to copy my settings and Rom folders back over and i should be good as gold for a long while or till the next big update that requires an even larger FAT partition.

    so trying to update to RC2a i recontered the need for a larger FAT Partition, atm im too tired to think properly, (after a Pipe freeze up then potentially w/ my brother might be doing something Dumb enough to get both our keisters evicted monday, its been a little bit stressfull today)

    the only tool i have that'll resize EXT4 from windows (i really have desire to make the half-arse methods of using a gparted like alternative in OSX) is "Disk Genius" (Paragon crashes before attempting Any resizing, Minitool Wizard refuses to try im guessing ext4 resizing is locked to Pro versions) giving me errors indicating i need to run fsck before attempting resizing again. problem being i dont know how to w/ RR get it to forcibly at boot do so before /storage (ext4 file system) gets mounted

    any way to flat out just backup my plugin data (Twitch/Youtube/Netflix) for restoring later where i can just wipe it clean and flash it w/ RC2a? (that being if your .img of it allready has an enlarged /boot (or in how you got it setup /flash) partition 5schatten

    Video playback is not working in 0.13.18 · Issue #555 · asciidisco/ · GitHub

    so either you wait for the repo or grab the latest version yourself & install it manually /shrug

    i didnt even see it was put up as a listed issue on the github! thanks:thumbup:

    however separate matter im going to guess RC1 is going to be the first one for the Pi where we're going to need to resize the boot partition to 512MB? as its the first time updating for a Pi target its given me the 512MB warning.

    i'll try after updating to RC1 (just woke up abruptly to my Youtube playlist terminating as im a type that needs something besides just static white noise to sleep to, )but after trying to leave it to netflix and noticing videos would not play (plugin logs in but just fails to start). a few things always comes to mind since this was working before, "i've gone and forgotten to be sure there money on the prepaid card for billing" (this usally either breaks login or videos refuse to play) "Internet Derp" (my AiO Gateway at times seems to hate my Pi3B+ and after many days in arow of being connected, just throws it offline, a restart fixes this problem) and "Plugin's Broken" (i havent seen an update to netflix in awhile to break it that Demands an update directly to restore playback)

    sofar only one person on the Plugin thread has reported Pi issues of the same whiel others have no issues. 5schatten only log i have that looks like it has relevant data is "KODI.log" (sorry alot of CEC Adapter error is inflating the log and i need to disable that so that stops. as i connect this Pi3B+ over analog as its in a room w/ mostly non HDMI Systems and only has a CRT tv, so i had to compress the log to a zip, despite its under 2mb the log kept failing to attach :/ )



      (138.74 kB, downloaded 61 times, last: )

    the Emulator Addons slacker666 are more at the hands of kodi (maybe LE?) i'm not super certain and is not directly supported by 5schatten builds as these focus on RetroArch/EmulationStation

    use of those emulators in Kodi are at yer own risk , that being Said, if its a kodi thing then you shoudl be able to install Kodi in SteamOS then those, (if its an additional repo for kodi, its just a matter of adding that in. Worst case, you could Dualboot between Reborn Remix & SteamOS

    ok 5schatten im not sure how to install the alpha to the hard disk (unless im to install stock 8.2.5 then update normally to that 8.90 alpha? but atleast trying to update to RebornRemix (w/ 8.90 flashed to my usb drive), i get a diffrent error one i should of been getting. i get the "Warning" that the System partition is too small, vs before w/ 8.2.5, i get a failure to mount System regardless the Partition size.

    ok umm updating stock 8.2.5 to RR Beta 7 for generic should be the same as an Rpi yeah? (copy the .tar or .img over network to the system in \\DEVICE-NAME\Update ?

    because im getting
    *** Error in check_update: mount_common: Could not mount /storage/ .update/SYSTEM ***

    (then opens the debugging shell)

    if i reboot, i can see no apply to Stock 8.2.5 it fails to start Xorg server (regardless of my GTX480/Radeon HD5750) something about reached target Mediacenter, and it sits there but Network is Accessible at that point.

    and i just got new Ram for my Mac Mini (2010 Core 2 Duo / Nvidia 320M) you think that'd be supported thru the strange Bootcamp (and replace Windows 7.) ? (i dont muck w/ Intel Macs often as i grew up mainly using the old PowerPC macs. i still got my heavy Honker of a beast Dual-CPU PowerMac G5... that Bugger's a huge power drain on my wallet and bill X_X )

    5schatten before i try w/ my Spare PC the generic builds (i know PS2/GC will be offlimits) but are AMD Radeon cards supported and if they are, a driver included that supports the Radeon HD5750?(otherwise only spare NvidaGPU i have while similar in performance is older, an GTX 480(the system isnt itself isnt much to write home about: Intel i5 750, 4GB DDR3 Ram,Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 Rev 1.0 motherboard)

    Amiberry creates the symlinks itself. It looks for *.rom files in ~/.config/amiberry/kickstarts So just delete the files in ~/.config/amiberry/whdboot/save-data/Kickstarts and try again. Can you use Was ist WinSCP :: WinSCP ? It shows you broken symlinks as red files & it's easy to delete the links if needed.

    yep they were all Red.
    *edit* after fixing that it worked. looked like it was incorrectly looping due to broken Symlinks.

    now i dont know if this is more less remenants from yoru default or part of the whdload package, willy beamish will play just fine on a default A500 config @7mhz but gets more responsive at 14mhz

    and i got one tiny cosmetic issue for myself and its noit the fault of your build in any way... now awhile back i said i was using an old crt tv.. a boob-tube as it were in my "Retro man-cave" this tv is all fine n dandy except its always had a positioning problem. (outside that its got nice picture quality, front A/V in 2 + a Headphone out jack , Rear A/V in 1 and S-Video in)
    i've fixed it in Kodi. but i need to for things like retroarch/emulationstation launched emulators.

    i'll attach images in a sec, my good phone's charging from a dead battery so quality wise its gonna be New 3DS poor.



    its like this a tad on all sides, any suggestions how to adjust for this?

    this might be the point of Failure. (symlinks) all thats there is foo.txt how do i go about making proper symlinks?

    and yes here's my kickstart directory in /roms/bios/Kickstarts

    even md5 hash verified i had the correct ones too.