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    I was having the same issue with my C2. After a couple of hours/days one or more CPU cores were shut down and the GPU was down-clocked to a lower frequency (so they had to be reset). Also temperature was around 75C scrolling the library or doing CPU intensive tasks. After I switched from micro usb power to the DC jack one, the board runs around 10C cooler (odroid-c2:hardware:otg_power_enable [ODROID Wiki]) and I the issues with CPU/GPU seem to be gone.

    Hi chewitt I just checked the video player settings and the mpeg4 hw acceleration is enabled (by default) only for HD+ content (hw decoder for H265/H264 is always enabled). I read (but unfortunately I can't find the post) that enabling it also for SD can cause issues with the H264 decoder.

    Do you think it has been fixed on libreelec 8.2.5.

    smp thanks.

    Here is the video output

    TheWojtek the first command adds the 'echo 5 > /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq' line to the '' config file. This way every time the board gets restarted the gpu will be overclocked.
    The second command you posted is the one required to set the GPU clock.

    TheWojtek I also overclocked the CPU (as wrxtasy suggested) to 1752. Actually I did not notice too much difference compared to the stock clock; the GPU overclock seems the one that provides some extra performance in the UI. I'll keep the CPU overclocked anyway (if it's stable enough).

    TheWojtek  Jeff I had the C2 running for a couple of days and so far all CPUs are still working fine. I added a menu option to kodi to reset the governor in case it will happen again. I actually noticed another strange behavior; The gpu of my C2 is overclocked to 792 MHz but the other day when I checked the clock it had been lowered to 666MHz. I wonder if anybody else experienced the same issue.

    TheWojtek so switching to another power supply (even the official one) does not fix the issue with the CPU. I think I'll use the approach you suggested setting a cron task that runs every 12/24 hours to switch between scaling_governors.
    wrxtasy maybe in your case your C2 shutdown with the TV so you might haven't noticed it since the board gets rebooted quite often.

    Well two cores stopped after I was updating some of the movies fanart. I thought it was related to the temp but it looks like the board is always below 70C. I'll see if switching to a DC barrel jack and removing the J1 jumper helps in keeping the cores active.

    TheWojtek you were right. Today looking at the system info I found that I had only 3 cores running (after only a couple of hours uptime). Actually I found that, when it was (GPU) overclocked, it was running for almost two days with all the 4 cores running (not sure it can be related).
    Jeff what PSU are you using. Mine is a 2A micro usb and with the wifi dongle connected seems to be struggling a bit.

    wrxtasy I think I'll go for the emmc. It should be more reliable and faster. On the Odroid website it does not look to be too expensive but I'm not sure about the shipping costs.

    Jeff isn't the power adapter from hardkernel also 2A? What skin are you using?
    I wonder if emmc would also speed up the movies/episode scrolling since fanart load should be faster.

    btw please don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the C2 as well but looking at the specs I was expecting a bigger step from the RPi 2.
    Anyway so far it is very stable and quick (probably because I don't have to push it like I did for the RPi) so I can't complain. :)

    TheWojtek Interesting. I wonder what it might be causing it. It seems quite common. I'll keep an eye on the system info panel. Thanks!

    wrxtasy I actually overclocked the GPU to 792 and so far it looks stable (I also did not notice any temp increase), but I cannot get any overclock out of the CPU. Every time I try one of the available settings (even the smallest amount) the board is able to boot but the tv screen keeps flashing (every 5/10 secs) and CEC does not work anymore.

    I'm using a 2A microusb power adapter (same I was using for the RPi 2).

    About the microsd it's a quite good Samsung EVO 16GB but I'll soon replace it with an emmc module.

    I'll try your builds anyway. Any chance your fixes/improvements will be merged with the official release? Thanks for your help!

    chewitt thanks. I was planning to order a 16GB module. Not sure if Kodi UI is GPU accelerated on the C2, but it seems that overclocking the GPU skin transitions/animations are a bit smoother. I was probably expecting too much from the board (or maybe the overclocked RPi 2 was not so bad after all).

    Klojum sorry I did not spot any error or cryptic message in the log so I didn't want to waste your time with it. As I said before I was probably expecting too much.

    Anyway so far the 8.2.5 looks very stable. Nice work!