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    Update: AEL works after extracting the asset files manually to '/storage/emulators/' and then selecting the '.XML' files I just need using import option within AEL. And the gamepad keys can be mapped from retroarch 'INPUT' settings. Thanks BTW. Now just need to tweak some more settings with the gamepad for it to work seamlessly.:)

    As you can see here you just need to go to Retroarch addon settings and download AEL assets. That will download this package and unzip it in default emulators folder (/storage/emulators/ael-assets). After that go to AEL addon settings and import systems you want.

    By the way, thanks for the tip abput using 7zip to browse inside "system" file XD, could you please tell me what libs are missing so I can update the addon?

    Here's the screenshot of the list of my libs:

    Noticed that I had to put all of these files in the addon folder as the '/usr/lib' folder won't allow me. I had to rename the files with '.bak' cause I get the error that the file is too short or small when i checked the debug log. I will try to see if I can hopefully make AEL work.

    LE9 builds are not official and they change day by day, so I can not update addons everytime devs make a critical update.

    What you can do is to install LE8 build, copy to your computer lib file, then go back to LE9 again and place the file in addon lib folder. If you post here the file anyone using LE9 in Generic devices could use it, also I could include it in a new addon release. If you can not do that just wait for me updating the addon when I have some free time to get the file.

    Thanks, anyway I got this solved by running the command 'ldd game.retroarch-Gen' after doing 'cd' to '/storage/.kodi/addons/game.retroarch '. There it showed the missing libs, and I did not have to install LE8 build, but just by using 7z to extract the contents from the 'SYSTEM' of the 'LE8' installer. It would have been helpful to make that as a sticky for those who are struggling with making it work. The retroarch debug log would also help. Now my problem is ES seems to lose the controller settings after loading the game. And now im trying to figure how to make AEL work cause the only place where i can get the asset files are from the repository. For some reason the 'script.gamestarter' was not created. And it wasn't clear how to pull the assets from the addon.


    I have an Intel Compute stick with LE Millhouse version installed. Stable version doesn't support the wi-fi in my compute stick. I tried following the installation but I can't get retroarch to start and it goes back to Kodi. I checked the logs and it says " cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" I've searched your repository, google and still I can't make it to work. I even tried installing "" and prev build of retroarch offered from your addon. Any thoughts about this?

    Hi, I know this thread is rather old but I was just trying libreelec again when i heard it supports emulator now. I'm using the LE9 Alpha build as it's the only one that supports Intel Compute stick's wifi (strange that stable doesn't include this fix). Anyway, long story short I have spent a whole day trying to figure out what's wrong with Gamestarter. I followed the instructions down to a T, and even made my own research online. I kept running with errors about missing libso blah blah, even with the latest build or RetroArch I get the error abut missing '' when i checked the logs. So how can you say it's that easy? If we missed anything, clearly not our fault as we can't spend a lifetime trying to figure it out and we're not the ones developing the program.

    We appreciate your effort to provide a working emulator but you can't expect everyone to be as geeky as you are.