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    I had the same issue today (not used in a while). Had to ssh and type 'emby4.start' to get it to run.

    Before that I uninstalling and re-installed, but issue continues. Annoyingly I now need to setup emby again!

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

    EDIT: After about 10 mins emby shut down, so am having to play moves outside of emby for now.

    If anyone is interested. I installed the lamp plugin that puts a web server on port 4080, then updated the httpd.conf to use port 80. (You will need to change the Chrous port if on 80).

    Lamp is available here - Index of /lamp/, install via kodi

    Attached is my simple web frontend.



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    I would find it useful to have a simple website on the default port 80 that could have some simple help details and stats etc and can be customised to forward to different web frontends for kodi, emby, tvheadend etc. I'm always forgetting the correct ports for the various installed frontends!!

    Just wondering if anyone else would find this useful? ;)

    I hope this is a simple one. I'm very new to linux so i'm probably doing something stupid, please help :)

    I am currently trying to create a script to refresh my dvbsky drivers on resume, currently on resume I get 'not tuner available' error.

    I have created the following script here /storage/.config/sleep.d. But on resume/sleep I get the following errors Jul 12 11:13:52 media systemd-sleep[1159]: /storage/.config/sleep.d/01-dvb.power: line 3: syntax error: unexpected word (expecting "in")

    This is the script, any help would be greatly appreciated.