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    Otherwise the cheap S912's will get you as far as Kodi v18 Leia with a decent bit of snappiness at the moment, unless workaround GPU drivers can be found/hacked again to progress further than Leia.

    What is the issue with the S912 GPU drivers which prevent Kodi > v18? I know we are talking about Mali-450 vs. Mali-T820 MP3 here., but what is the technical reason?

    BTW: Does LibreELEC support Dolby Vision on the S912?

    Yes to all that, and it will be snappy if you use a wireless remote. The A2 lite is preferred.

    This sounds great, thanks. I've always used my Logitech Harmony with Kodi (over Bluetooth) so I'll check if that works first. If not, I'll get back to your recommendation.

    In my LE 8.2.4.x Kodi will also resolution switch downwards 4K <<-->> 1080p for video playback.

    I'm not sure if Kodi auto resolution switches for 4K pictures, It may work it may not. If it does not just set the Kodi GUI to 4K.

    AFAIK resolution switching for pictures is not possible with Kodi. So if the Kodi interface can be rendered at 4K and LE automatically switches down the resolution during video playback (if required) then this sounds perfect to me.

    Thanks again for your help. I'll start looking for a good NEO U9-H deal then.

    Edit: Darn, I just read about that 10-bit 4:2:2 issue. For me this means no HDR playback then, because my TV does not support 4:4:[email protected] I'll keep my fingers crossed that the issue is fixable :)


    I am thinking about getting a MINIX NEO U9-H for Libreelec. Before I am wasting money on this I'd like to know if this box does what I want it to do in conjunction with Libreelec.

    That's what I need in Kodi/Libreelec:

    • 4K HEVC/VP9 playback with HDR support
    • Automatic refresh rate switching and smooth 23.976 fps playback
    • Kodi rendered at 4K (especially for picture viewing)
    • Bitstreaming of Dolby TrueHD, DTS:X and Dolby Atmos
    • 7.1 Channel LPCM support
    • A little deinterlacing (not too important, just interesting for my old DVD rips)

    Should this box be okay or will the S912 cause trouble?

    Thanks in advance, Geraud