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    Really sorry to dig up an old thread. But I'm having difficulties to understand this device tree business. And I'm stuck on this last step - installtointernal. And I guess this thread was my starting point. I'll try...


    I have a lovely working system ( with Krypton that boots from USB. All I want is Kodi and where the preinstalled Nougat w 17.4 crashed the box at random times with whatever Kodi version I tried this system just does what it's supposed to do. Wifi, ethernet, remote control is working fine, it's a keeper and I want to install it to internal flash rom.

    The box in question is a cheapie S905W w 2GB DDR3 RAM & 16 GB FLASHROM. Sold as 2018 Mecool M8S Pro w.

    So I ssh'ed into the box and ran the installtointernal command and now I don't know what device tree I'm supposed to dd in there. The one on the USB stick seems lovely, but it won't work because its USB stick which is different from the internal flash, correct?

    I've been reading the howto's of course which point to some device tree folders and it simply says you need to download a 'proper' one. I guess that means trial and error unless you know what a proper device tree for your device is? How do I know what the right one is? Should the original device tree not work which was created as backup during installtointernal?

    Of course I've also been reading up on device trees and I get what they are, but from what I gather nobody compiles these themselves. Everybody just seems to be using whatever is in the links, no?

    Sorry so many question. And in an old thread. People in the know probably sick of it... ;)

    Thanks for reading