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    ak84r: for which system? I assume cuboxi? Sure I can build it.

    The step is easy: just change PKG_VERSION in file packages/devel/libcec/ and build image.

    Thank a lot. Yes i meant Cubox i2.
    I'll try to make a build environment on my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but Your help would be highly appreciated;)

    It is just cec downgraded to version 3953f8d.

    Already building... Will take few hours.

    Dear vpeter!

    Could You please build a 8.2.5 LibreELEC with "working" libCEC for imx6.arm CPU?
    Or maybe just describe the steps needed to build LibreELEC with correct libCEC version (as far as i understand mpkg_libcec just pulls the latest commit)?