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    Software deinterlaced 1080i content is no drama as long as you do not whitelist the 25/29.97/30 Hz refresh rates in video settings which allows Kodi to run at 50/59.94/60 instead.

    I have nothing in my whitelist and the "resolution" is 4096x2160p, "refresh rate" 30, "limit gui size 1080p.

    If I whitelist 1920x1080p the TV switches resolution when I watch HD TV and it works, but is obviously slow to switch as it renegotiates.

    But my TV won't take SD content like DVDs so can't pull the whitelist trick. Or any SD TV channels.

    It runs okay at 4K resolution output with the GUI set at 1080. But there is still tearing on the GUI at this time. The GUI at 4k is pretty slow.

    The big factor for me is that it lacks deinterlace in hardware making SD and HD (1080i) video from broadcast sources unusable. Video stutters and freezes. This is stopping me replacing my pi3 with this.

    Actual 4k h265 seem okay on the few test files I have provided the data rate isn't too high, struggled with 140Mbs file I tried.

    Here is a on expirebox

    mediainfo is:

    Unique ID : 68295835849727551218027313336917870918 (0x33614CAE4286A9C467DD0FDAE526C946)

    Complete name : file.mkv

    Format : Matroska

    Format version : Version 4 / Version 2

    File size : 184 MiB

    Duration : 10 min 5 s

    Overall bit rate : 2 552 kb/s

    Writing application : Lavf57.41.100

    Writing library : Lavf57.41.100


    ID : 1

    Format : VP9

    Codec ID : V_VP9

    Duration : 10 min 5 s

    Width : 1 920 pixels

    Height : 1 080 pixels

    Display aspect ratio : 16:9

    Frame rate mode : Constant

    Frame rate : 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS

    Language : English

    Default : Yes

    Forced : No


    ID : 2

    Format : Opus

    Codec ID : A_OPUS

    Duration : 10 min 5 s

    Channel(s) : 2 channels

    Channel positions : Front: L R

    Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz

    Compression mode : Lossy

    Language : English

    Default : Yes

    Forced : No

    A friend of mine passed onto me that he has problems with LibreELEC playing on a RPi2, with the HW codec keys installed (if that's relevant), a mkv container file with VP9 and OPUS inside.

    The same issue occurs on my install (and has done for a number of releases), I'm running 8.2.5.

    The symptoms are the video plays very slowly (practically frame by frame) and the audio initially sounds normal, but seems to get upset eventually.

    There is nothing in the log file that is complains during this playback. The file plays fine on VLC.

    Any ideas? I'll try and attach an example file or link to it.