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    Poida, there was a point to my lst post, but the post has been edited, so I can't see what I was replying to anymore. Never mind.
    Got My remote working, thanks to Bobones, see this post Sumvision Cyclone X4, You copy and paste into a file named remote.conf, save it then copy it to /storage/.config. the home button works as "info", as mentioned on the thread. This is the Sumvision cyclone x4 remote control.

    I think You need to name the file remote.conf and not remote.conf.txt.

    I've been hoping to get the Front LED working on my sumvision cyclone x4. I ended up with the LED almost working. I had installed EXTRACTME_MXQ_M12_S805_revert-ember-to-android.rar and noticed that the Front LED works fine, I then installed Libreelec, the front LED now goes from red to blue, slight problem when I do a power off system, the LED goes from blue to red, but only stays red for about a second, then goes to blue. Same behaviour for OpenElec "6.95", so not sure if LED mods have any bearing for Sumvision x 4. But the point is the LED works fine with android mentioned in rar file above. The Front LED also works with a google tv andoid image (s85_106k4_0912.img) I flashed with "Amlogi usb burning tool (setup_v2.0.3_x86.exe)".
    Hope this helps.
    Ive been trying to get the sumvision cyclone x4 remote to work, I copied the remote.conf (/etc/) file from my original sumvision cyclone x4 factory installed andoid. Copied it to /etc/ and /storage/.config. Not all the buttons work, which is odd, because i've used this remote.conf on all the andoid builds I've tried (wetek gift, google TV, etc) and it always works fine. You can use TWRP version "2.7" for amlogic by "Abdul" to copy from SD card to /etc/, under advanced -> file manager. I also use TWRP for all my SD card installs. In linux You Just open a terminal and do "ssh [email protected]_address", ie "ssh root:", if You andoid box's ip address is Then You just "reboot recovery", a lot easier than pressing reset at power up. Anyway, off to see if I can sort the remote conf out.