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    sedat1988 - turn on debugging mode from within Kodi which will then display information at the top left of the screen. Monitor the memory and CPU usage before and after connecting via VPN manager. Does it spike immediately afterwards? Does the use of other add-ons have the same effect?

    Try to replicate then shut down Kodi and post a log.

    Sorry for the long delay. I managed to fix the issue of slowdown by using the DNS fix. But now my vpn is disconnecting within about a minute of starting any video playback in kodi.

    I am more than happy to post a log, but at the moment, the log is way too big. Do you know how I can start a fresh log? Also having trouble seeing the log outside of VPN Manager. When I choose to copy I don't get any external media options, just my repo databases.


    I have been googling this issue to no avail and I'm not sure if this thread covers it, but I have been having some issues with VPN Manager. I'm running Kodi on Retropie. When I connect to any vpn using the add-on, I get incredible lag and slowdown simply on the kodi interface. For example, when scrolling through menus it will take up to minutes for one to pop up even after I've moved on and tried to open another menu. And I mean menus like settings and such. The lag is not connected to my internet speed, that I am certain of. I am using IPVanish and I have also used VPN Manager with PIA with the same issue. From what I can tell, the memory and CPU aren't being bogged down at all either, but I may be missing something. Has anyone else had this issue? It makes kodi impractical and I would really love to be able to use my vpn as one of the main reasons I bought it was for kodi.

    Sorry Zomboided if you've addressed this already. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!