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    wrxtasy Thank you for your answer.

    I have another question for the forum

    In brief: I had a S905W box substantially working but with a problem: both in Android using MX Player and in LE using Kodi, on panning, the objects in the image seems to stop and go quickly. Is what it's called "microstuttering"? What's the cause of this flaw? Which box should I buy or what should I do to avoid that?

    About the use of the box: I will play local H265 1080p files on a usb stick with external srt subtitles. No Anime. Practically I have the same needings of this guy plus the green/pink problem because I have a 2009 Sony tv set:

    Recommend a "basic" media player for x265 Media? - Media players - Home theatre

    If you want to know all the story: