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    What was your issue with the LG?

    This is supposed to solve the issue of loosing Cec after standbye/switching off or changing tv hdmi input to something else and back to LE..

    I will start by checking if there are any LG software updates..I had few issues on my Philips that I tought they where LE issues like loosing audio for few seconds but where fixed with a software update..

    The issues are...

    The TV won't connect to the C2, aka, send the key presses to it. But Kodi display the notification of cec connection.

    Then I start turning the TV on and off and changing input sources until it finally starts working, sending the key presses.

    I configured the C2 to suspend when the TV turns off, but it won't suspend. The TV is configured as well.

    At one very specific and odd occurrence the key presses where being sent to Kodi trippled. Go figure.

    I swapped cables with my decoder and console, but that didn't work.