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    Submit a PR to LE master, and let's review it on github. Even if it's not accepted it gets the changes out in public where others may find it useful for their own custom builds.

    OK, I'll do it after positive tests on my laptop. Thanks for advice.

    EDIT: My touchpad is working fine with synaptics driver :-) Now I'm learning how to submit a PR to LE.

    EDIT2: I submitted pull request. I tried to follow instructions in, but I do not know if I did it correctly. I'm not familiar with git and it was my first multifile commit.

    I am quite illiterate in terms of compiling software, so I guess I will have to wait for your tests.

    It's precompiled (by me) patch, so you don't have to compile anything. Script gets Milhouse build, decompress it, copies new files with synaptic driver into it and compress back. You can wait for my tests few days. I will let you know if it works.

    In any case, I dislike the idea to set aside from "official" builds doing my own or using a different one.

    I don't like the idea doing my own builds also, but for now it's only way to get our touchpad to work. You can try to convince the developers to add the driver to the official release. I have failed to do that :-(
    In fact, I did official buld from LE git master :-)

    I compiled LibreElec grom git master with "bloatware" Synaptics driver ;-) Here is my patch with libs: LibreELEC_synaptics_patch.tar.bz2
    I did it the first time in my life and I do not know if it will work :-) I will not have my Toshiba laptop for a few days, so I can't test the patch by myself. You can test it on your ThinkPad if you want, or wait for my tests.
    I wrote small shell script to apply my patch to Milhouse build. You can set variable BUILD_ARCH to any Milhouse build.

    PS Script is working with files in current directory, so it is good to create a temporary directory for this:

    1. mkdir /tmp/LE_patch
    2. cd /tmp/LE_patch


    In my Toshiba laptop touchpad is working in "absolute" mode. When I tap in the center, cursor goes immediately to center of the screen. When I tap left corner, cursor goes immediately to left corner of the screen. It is not possible to select item near edge of the screen.

    Tested on Milhouse build #1120. Old builds working fine (#0423 for example). There was a suggestion that problem is in libinput config (evdev was working fine).

    Touchpad works fine in Kodi 17.0~git20161121.0200-7285a76 @ Ubuntu 16.04 from Wsnipex ppa.

    Hardware: Toshiba Satellite Pro A40-C.



    debug log

    Xorg.0.log from Ubuntu 16.04

    Similar problem occurs in ThinkPad T440p.

    Thanks for help,