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    Thanks doggyofone,
    I got a "Script Succeeded" on BOTH boxes
    #1 - after reboot came up with large words on screen: "There's no place like

    That is all, and it seems stuck there. I did a search for those words on this forum, No luck.

    #2 - shows a screen with 8 folders(?). (TWRP)

    I can navigate through all these 8 folders.

    Only TWO of the 3 icons on top do things - not the 'home' icon

    I read at 1504. I think I did all it said.

    The only thing it said that was new was the file

    I did download it but I don't know if or when I need it.

    I thought that was for boxes that choke or brick. Perhaps I misunderstood.

    Any idea what I need to do for either of these boxes?

    Thanks again!

    I'm a complete noob here:
    Here is what I have:

    M8 on top outside

    Model Number: K200

    Android version : 4.4.2

    Build number : KOT49H.20150626 test-keys

    Kernel version : 3.10.33 ubuntu@ubuntu188 #8

    Thu Jun 13 10:17:07 CST 2015

    on the bottom - OTT TV BOX.

    (ON boot) 8 core Mali 450 - AMlogic S802

    SO, I downloaded "RemiX_115k4" and put it on an 8GB SD card.
    Could someone direct me to the link that spells out the steps I must take to do the deed?

    Thanks very much,


    I was wondering is there is a Libreelec build that will work on this unit?

    (on top outside) = M8
    (in "More Settings")
    Model Number: K200 In

    Android version : 4.4.2

    Build number : KOT49H.20150626 test-keys

    Kernel version : 3.10.33

    Thu Jun 13 10:17:07 CST 2015

    (on outside bottom) = OTT TV BOX.

    (Boot up screen) = 8 core Mali 450

    Thanks much,


    For some reason we have a common problem of seeing the audio and video out of sync, esp on HD and up.
    No amount of trying to sync it with Kodi the Kodi sync setting works.
    Are there setting I could adjust to fix this issue?

    (BTW - I have another question posted about a different TV box)


    I have an android TV box:
    On boot is says
    - 8 Core Mali 450
    - Quad core A7
    and on the box it says "M8"
    The memory is 1 and 8, I am pretty sure.

    Is this suitable for a LibereELEC install?
    If 'yes', could you tell me where to find that download and instructions?

    Thanks very much