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    R0bur Might be that with 4.4-Kernel some pinctrls are initialised differently: Please try to replace GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH to GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW for one or both leds (i.e: set 0x0 to 0x1)

    Thank you for the recommendations!

    I have solved the flashing blue led on RC-events trouble by removing "linux,default-trigger = "rc-feedback";" line from the red led section and putting "linux,default-trigger = "default-on";" line to the blue led section.

    Next I try to play with GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH and GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW values:

    0x0 0x0
            Power on    Power off
    Blue        +        +
    Red         -        +

    0x1 0x1
            Power on    Power off
    Blue        -        -
    Red         +        -

    "0x0" is most suitable case and red led works as expected. So my trouble is that the blue led doesn't switches its state.

    First at all thank you for the great work of porting LibreELEC to RK3229-based boards!

    The image LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200114140204-0bca75f-rk3228b-v88marsII.img runs fine on my TV-BOX. But power leds display state wrong: blue and red leds both don't glow while the box works, and only blue led glows when the box is off.

    Native firmware of the TV-BOX has DTS-sections:

    while LibreELEC image has:

    I changed "gpios" values in the LibreELEC "leds" section to:

    led_blue gpios = <0x3f 0x7 0x0>

    led_red gpios = <0x6c 0x15 0x0>

    Now blue led glows while the box works and blue and red leds both glow when the box is off. And the blue led flashes on each remote control button pressing.

    I would like more traditional behaviour: only blue led glows while the box works and only red led glows when the box power off.

    How do I do correct power leds settings?

    edjalmo : Thank you. I've did the same things on the S805 Box, but unsuccessfully.

    Iridium: You're right, swapping was not enabled in the kernel. Therefore I've rebuilt the kernel with the swapping support. And Linux creates the swap-file during booting process. But it doesn't use it in its work...

    I would like to enable swapping for the LibreELEC because AmLogic S805 TV Box has only 512 Mb RAM and freezes on the YouTube browsing.

    What I do:

    1) Set the build options to:


    and the Linux kernel options to:


    2) Compile and create the developer release image, install the image to the SD Card and boot it.

    3) Customise the swap configuration file:

    #cp /etc/swap.conf /storage/.config/
    #sed -i 's/SWAP_ENABLED="no"/SWAP_ENABLED="yes"/' /storage/.config/swap.conf

    and create the file /storage/.config/ with contents:

    sysctl -qw vm.swappiness=40

    But after all the swapping does not work:

    What is my mistake?

    I would like to build LibreELEC image for MXQ S805 m201d device from sources GitHub - kszaq/ 'Just enough OS' for Kodi using the guide: Compile [] .

    But after the command:

    PROJECT=S805 SYSTEM=m201d ARCH=arm make image

    and a lot of compilation time I got linker error:

    I use Lubuntu 16.04.3-i386 (32 bit) fresh VM as host system, gcc version 5.4.0 20160609 (Ubuntu 5.4.0-5ubuntu1~16.04.9).

    I suppose that wrong architecture (64 bit) libssl and libcrypto were created (because linker says 'skipping incompatible...') but I don't know how to resolve this issue.

    Which way is to continue building process?

    P.S. Before this issue I got error:

    In file (...) /usr/include/features.h fatal error: sys/cdefs.h: No such file or directory

    and resolved this issue installing g++-multilib:

    sudo apt install g++-multilib.