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    Hi folks,

    I have a MXIII-G Amlogic S812 TV box, using the latest LibreELEC build that Demetris provided here (8.2.3).

    The current version of network tools I have available in the LibreELEC addons repository is 8.2.100, which has irssi version 0.8.19. I would like to have this updated, since this version of irssi does not support TLS yet. However, this is updated for LibreELEC 9.0: version 8.2.102 of network tools holds an update for irssi.

    Is there any way I can update network tools on my box? Perhaps using a new alternate repository?

    Thanks 8)

    Hi tinny9,

    if you go to the first page on this thread, you should be able to identify the image name your device requires. Then you follow the download links there, to download the image of the LibreELEC version you're after. Once you have the image file, you can write it to an SD card or USB stick of your choosing. The wiki has some details on that.

    Now while I have an S812 device myself, I don't have your specific model. What I did was just insert the SD card/USB and rebooted the device using the toothpick method. That consists on toggling a handle your device has underneath, by inserting a toothpick in a small hole, which makes the device boot from the SD card/USB. It must be kept pressed since you reboot, until you see the LibreELEC logo.