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    Is it normal for HDR videos to be dark ?

    I have tried all builds of libreelec on a s905 and a s912 and on all of them the image is a lot darker when compared to playing the exact same file through the lg plex app built into the tv.

    The s905, s912 and the LG plex app all activate HDR on the tv.

    I have the tv settings set to technicolour expert (with EXACTLY the same settings) for both sources.

    I have tried enabling and disabling the 10 bit, 444 option.

    Tried a few different brand new hdmi cables.

    Whatever I try the picture is always a lot darker and less detailed when played though libreelec or coreelec than it is using my tv's built in plex app.

    And of course the reason I bought the amlogic devices was so i could have HD sound, but not at the cost of losing picture quality.