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    Hey guys,

    I'm trying the latest CoreElec devel build on my S912, but when I try to connect to a SMB share I always get "Operation not permitted" error.
    The box has a proper IP address and I can browse the server so the network should be ok, but when I try to go into a share I get the error message. The password should be good, because this also happens when I just update from 8.90.6 (where SMB works).

    The firewall is disabled in the Settings/CoreElec/Network section.

    EDIT: As far what I see from the Win SRV16 logs is that the box tries to authenticate as an anonymous user to the share and not with the credentials provided.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I also have problem with the network on my S905X with the last 2 "libreelec" prefixed devel release. It is unable to connect to the samba shares and also no internet on the box, although it gets IP address.
    Everything is working with 8.90.5/6.

    Another interesting part that I also have degraded network performance with the last few 8.2.x.x/8.3.x.x "stable" releases using my ASIX AX88179 usb3 ethernet adapter with my S905X box, but not with the 8.90.5/6.