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    first thanks for all your work adamg, most things work perfect on your builds.

    i just tried your new dev. s912 version on my mecool k3 pro s912

    the color profile 422,10 bit worked on the 8.90.6 version , but now the picture is very yellow and unwatchable on this version.

    the other 10 bit profiles also didnt work correct for me

    so i had to switch back to the 8.90.6 version to watch 4k hdr uhd tv channels and movies.

    the only other problem i have when i watch a tvheadend live channel with dolby digital 5.1 and switch to a channel with

    analog stereo the audio is off and stays off still in kodi gui. only digital sounds work from that moment.

    only a restart of the box or starting a movie with dts hd or atmos sound brings back analog sound.

    than also analog tv channels work again until i start the first dolby channel...

    sounds a little bit strange so i would like to ask if someone else has this problem.

    also my live tv worked perfect without stutter problems on both builds in [email protected]

    many thanks again and good luck with CoreElec