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    what are the right installation steps for Amlogic device like my S905D (mecool KI Pro hybrid box) for running hyperion?

    I used a Raspberry 3 before, but without hardware acceleration with this addon.

    I deactived the old addon, installed the new addon (Hyperion 1c21232) from CoreELEC addons Repositorie, copied the hyperion.config.json to


    and to


    deactived and activated the hyperion addon after that. nothing happens.

    with android hyperion app I can change the color. ok.

    with HyperConLE I can not change the color.


    ssh out: /storage/.kodi/addons/service.hyperion/bin/hyperion-remote -c a3464b

    ssh out: bash: /storage/.kodi/addons/service.hyperion/bin/hyperion-remote: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden (file or folder not found)

    but the file is there: \\LIBREWZ\Root\storage\.kodi\addons\service.hyperion\bin\hyperion-remote !!!!!!!!

    at restart:


    ssh in: Apr 18 09:58:08 RaspberryWZ hyperiond[1326]: ERROR: The AMLOGIC grabber can not be instantiated, because it has been left out from the build

    and with the index.html saved in \\LIBREWZ\Root\storage\.kodi\addons\service.hyperion\webconfig I can connect to my raspberry, but no color will be sent to it.

    CoreELEC S905 am 8.90.0

    Mecool KI Pro hybrid Box

    hello, i use a mecool KI pro hybrid box with s905d chipset. I use Libreelec 9.0 via sd card.

    the box is overheating after two hours. make it sense to install a better rom, or is the rom totally unimportand if libreelec started via sd card?

    hello, on newest build 9.0 I have no tv-adpters avaiable, only IPTV, but I need DVBS2 ..... how to fix it?

    in 8.90.6 all is ok.

    Mecool KI Pro

    S905D 16G/2G

    installed on sdcardgxl_p230_k1_pro.dtb

    CoreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-devel-1523108117.img.gz (2018-04-07 17:39 | 134MB)

    fresh install.