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    One question about the August remote: when holding the remote with up,down, left, right, and Ok keys facing up and the keypad/character underneath, what happens if you accidentally press the character keys underneath (do they transmit) ?

    They do. That was one of the first things I thought when I got it. I was sure I'd be accidentally typing on it all the time. In reality, it's never actually happened. The keys need enough pressure that just holding the remote, you won't press them. But I've tested it, and the keyboard works regardless of position.

    The XBOX is RC6 compatible. The only real issue with the xbox remote is the xbox-button which switches on/off the xbox but on KODI it's the home button. The other buttons do not interfere (unless the got switched on).
    Thx for the link to your reviews. AUGUST remote looks interesting.

    The August remote is pretty darned cool, actually. It's the Swiss army knife of remotes...something for every need. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's kind of a blocky, wide design so it's not as comfortable in the hand as other remotes. But for functionality it's awesome. And if you've ever played a Wii, the air remote will feel familiar.

    Hi! So the fan noise question actually comes up quite a bit. I'd like to give you a solid, definitive answer, but the truth is it's subjective. In my experience, the lighter the CPU, the quieter the fan. I still have the PGYH in my bedroom and I never notice fan noise. There have been multiple occasions where I forgot to put it to sleep and didn't realize it. Libreelec is a pretty lite OS, so that has something to do with it as well. As you go up to the more powerful CPUs, the fans get activated more frequently. I have an i7 workstation and mostly it's quiet enough that I don't hear it (it's mounted on the back of the monitor). But when it's under heavy load the fan kicks in and I definitely notice it. All NUCs are much quieter than a typical desktop fan, just by the nature of such a tiny fan. I've never had the PGYH fan kick into overdrive, and the same holds true for the NUC6i5SYH I have as the HTPC in my living room. I just never hear either of them.

    Having said all that, when I had a DN2820 in the bedroom my wife complained about a high-pitched sound coming from it, even when it was completely off. After much trial and error we figured out the high pitch was coming from the NUC when the power adapter was plugged in. I ended up getting that unit swapped and the replacement didn't have that issue.

    Back to fan noise, I'd think the only time you'd notice the fan on a PGYH would be if you were standing right next to it. If you're using it to watch movies, that seems unlikely.

    If you know anyone who has a NUC, you might ask if you can stop by and listen to it running in a quiet room. That might give you an idea of what to expect.

    I hope this helps!

    Sorry for the late reply. I wasn't subscribed to my own thread so I didn't realize there were any replies here.

    I don't have any experience with the harmony remotes, but I've used remotes under Linux. I would start here: Getting the IR receiver to work with Haswell NUCs – The NUC Blog

    Let me know if any of the suggestions there work for you!

    Sorry about the late response. I really need to remember to subscribe to my own threads!

    The i3 units (haswell and newer) really do make great HTPC systems. If you're looking for a CEC module, I reviewed the PulseEights from GoRite and they are awesome. They have internal and external options. Here's my review of the external one: Review: The Pulse-Eight USB CEC Adapter from GoRite – Techster's Blog

    I've tried running Windows as the OS for an HTPC and just wasn't happy with it. Too much messing with drivers. Openelec and Libreelec are nice because they work with no need for extra work.