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    Demetris - A huge thank you for your development work. I am posting this to help any other ATV 1800 users that happen on this thread

    I have been trying for months to get my MyGica ATV 1800 usable again. Came across this thread and some info from Lparker, after reading the all 82 pages loaded "LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2.3-M8.tar" onto the box and everything seems to work great.

    Tested so Far:

    Lan - OK

    WiFi - OK

    HDMI Passthru - OK (Highest my receiver supports is DTS 5.1)

    Bluetooth - Disabled (I don't think my box ever had bluetooth) Bluetooth Works - enabled it in services it saw my phone, don't have anything to connect to it.

    Still to test is the remote, the ir on this box died a year ago and the rf remote was always flakey so I typically use Kore on my phone, I will dig out the remote and see if it works now.

    Playback is smoother then it ever was when the box was running android.


    Update to the OpenElec found on the MyGica website. ATV 1800E UNOFFICIAL OPENELEC KODI 15.2 - 02/18/16 - Downloads - MyGica Support Forum

    Put the LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2.3-M8.tar into the .update folder and reboot.

    hope this helps someone

    Edit - 2: IR remote does not work, but as stated the IR stopped working a year ago when still on android suspect it is hardware related. RF remote works fine.