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    I've installed on a Minix U9 and since then I'm experiencing like a loss of sync while playing 4K HEVC 23.976 content. When I start playing the file I am able to see about a minute before the sync losses start and then they happen about every 10-15 sec.

    Chroma subsampling and OC are enabled. The problem didn't occur with 8.2.4-Subtitles-ff. I've bought a new HDMI cable to take that out of the equation.

    Here's the log in case it helps:


    First of all thanks for the great work on the S912 builds.

    I've been using on a Minix Neo U9 and it worked great.

    When installing AAC audio doesn't work anymore (either on locally stored files or on IPTV streams). was updated with the corresponding device tree.

    Anything I can do to have AAC work on or am I stuck on in order to have it to work.

    Thanks in advance!