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    Seems to be a common problem with the latest version. Try 8.2.2.

    Do I just need to write the image to the SD card and reboot? or do I need the 805 auto script or boot.scr?


    Tried every which way to get this version to work also, same issue... Tried the boot file in the boot directory, tried the 805 script, tried updating with the TAR file, tried booting from SD with and without a toothpick... Looks like Datrh is working on a LEIA build, I'll just wait for that..

    Hey Guys..

    I've read through every page on this thread and could not find an answer... I have a Minix X8H-P and trying to get these libreelec builds to boot off an SD card.. I currently have a dual boot setup running libreelec 8.2RC from datrh from the minix forum via an SD card.. I've tried copying the TAR file to the update folder and rebooting. It installs fine but then after the reboot I get the android boot screen for a few seconds then a black screen followed by no signal to the TV... I've tried writing the image to an SD with the libreelec tool and boot the box without the toothpick... Same results.... tried with the toothpick..... same results... I've tried the boot.scr in the boot folder on the SD card, and multiple SD card with no luck.. Has anyone got these builds to boot from an SD card for the X8H-P minix box successfully? And if so, how?