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    Try out the latest devel image for issue 1

    Did that and things went even worse: no video playback at all, only sound - clicking around, box is freezing after a few seconds.

    Going back to version 20180221 and everything is fine (except the three issues I described).

    Wondering that I am the only one with a S905W that has these massive problems.

    I have a Vorke Z5 (S905W, 2GB DDR3, 16GB eMMC, VFD) running AdamG's alpha builds. Great stuff except three issues:

    1. I cannot use builds newer than devel-2018021191326 because video playback is slow, stuttering and loses audio after a few minutes.

    This happens with tvheadend SD and HD streams and recordings as well as with content from media library.

    Is this a known problem or side-effect of the "new" kernel?

    2. DVD images (ISO and VIDEO_TS directories) fail, playing the VOB files works.

    I guess this is a bug of the Kodi build (git:f5871d9) in this release?

    3. The VFD works with the DTB from MinixTX3 - but the display is upside-down and the icons are not used.

    Any chance to correct this with VFD parameters in the new builds?