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    Change the volume from your Spotify app?

    If that does not work, please provide more details, eg what system, output to ALSA/Kodi, output through HDMI/jack, etc

    Volume is now cached and preserved from session to session.

    Thanks for your response, awiouy

    I tested the Spotify app and it worked fine there, the volume was OK when I played the same song using the app.

    My system is Libreelec 8.2.5 on Rpi2, Payback device is defaultCARD-ALSA, output through HDMI.

    (I have installed SnapCast client & server before but uninstalled them all.)

    Hi @awiouy,

    I installed the build you posted for RPi2 8.2 but the volume is too low that I could hardly hear anything. I worked fine before. Is there anything I can do to fix it ? Thanks.

    Hi Awiouy, I'm using Libreelec 7 because Kodi 17+ is too slow on my Pi 2. How could I get this addon, since it's not in the repository?