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    I've been experimenting with moving to Libreelec on an Intel NUC NUC7PJYH, but have been seeing a varying screen edge distortion in the menus. I see it connected to both a 2K monitor and a 4K TV. Playing media has no apparent issues. I've also been trying Kodi 18 under Ubuntu (18.04 & 18.10) on the same NUC and don't see the same thing.

    Is this just a symptom of needing a screen calibration in Libreelec?

    (Sorry, just found another thread, it seems to be a driver / kernel problem)

    I've just clean installed Leia 8.95.1 Generic X86_64 on an Intel NUC, and projectM seems to work although some of the patterns render an almost all white static screen. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Goom and Waveform I tried but neither work, hopefully now that LE has reached 'beta' the folks doing the visualizers will update.

    One thing I have noticed is an occasional dropout of sound, perhaps 1/4 of a second during a song being played. Anyone else heard this?

    I've played a few video's, no issues there. Music dropouts only occur if projectM is running, nothing showing in logs so far, but the CPU load is pretty high. May be best to leave visualizers alone for now until the developers update.

    Hi peeps :)

    I recently got this Intel model, looking a very capable as a HTPC, and positive reviews, including mentions of working with Libreelec (development version). Fitted out with 8GB of Crucial DDR4 2400MHz RAM and a Samsung EVO850 SSD.

    Unfortunately it won't run the Libreelec installation media, hanging at:

    Wait for installer to start or press <TAB> for more options (live, run)


    I can use TAB, but upon any selection it hangs, CTL+ALT+DEL does not work, requiring a hard reset.

    I have tried 2 versions of Libreelec 8.90 (008 and 009) and also the current stable 8.2.5. Same results.

    I have also tried a couple of other Linux versions which all work OK. Linux Mint current, and Unbunu 18.04 and 18.10.

    BIOS is current, allow unsigned media is allowed, I can't see any other BIOS options that may affect it.

    I'd much prefer to run Libreelec than setup and maintain my own Linux flavour.
    Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated.