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    I've realized later by reading posts that I should use ubuntu for my building. I didn't pay attention earlier and build it on Arch linux.

    No docker containers involved for that build.

    I will try to disable the US locale after Easter and recreate the issue, then apply the patch.

    As for the command line, as per instructions on the wiki.

    I've first downloaded all the sources and then run:

    1. PROJECT=Amlogic DEVICE=Odroid_C2 ARCH=arm make image

    The build booted properly btw, I've only attempted it to check if everything works before I try to add support for my wifi module (Archer T2UH).

    It looks like nice weekend project :D


    I've been building master branch for Odroid C2 and encountered encoding issues (build crashed).
    Turns out I've only enabled pl_PL.UTF-8 on my system, after I've enabled en_US.UTF-8 everything went fine.

    Error was related to python package meson.

    This more a configuration issue than bug, but validating this earlier on would help avoid such issue.
    Specially that this is my first attempt to build Libreelec.

    Best regards and keep up the great work! :heart: