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    If you look at couple pages back you will see a problem exactly like yours.and there is an answer as well.I will paste it here just for you.

    The storage partition changed its Label from LIBREELEC_DISK to STORAGE between those versions.

    If you can SSH into the box or have access to a fallback console you can rename the LIBREELEC_DISK Label to STORAGE and this should allow you to boot.

    do some reading people.

    CvH any chance you can give us a build that works with coreelec 8.90 alpha builds?the last version that works on 8.90 on my kiii pro is WeTek_Play-tvheadend42-4.3-884 and powervu is broken on that version.releases after that dont connect on 8.90.

    now im wondering whether the problems i experience are related to updated dtb files.ive been updating from 8.2 to 8.90 pre alpha to coreelec and sometimes up and down from version to version with just .tar update files.maybe dtb file isnt updated correctly at some point.can someone please share the latest dtb file for kiii pro?i only have one usb drive that i boot from and i dont wanna write the new image on it and start from scratch.thank you.

    as some other users also stated, with the latest 8.9.0 coreelec after zapping through a couple channels on livetv or watching the same channel for like 10 mins the next channel goes all black and i cant play any videos until i this a known issue or should i post a log?the previous versions had the same bug as using a kiii pro.

    I can boot LE from usb on my kiii pro just fine.For me 8.90.6 is running smoothly with little to no problems.Thank you for all your efforts GDPR-2 .