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    That is the issue these builds are supposed to fix..

    as long as I updated properly, the 8.2.4 version isnt working for me.

    I had the official 8.2.4 installed on my 3b+. I put vpeter's custom build into the .update folder and rebooted. On reboot it showed a message about finding an update file and decompressing. After that, everything showed successful.

    I did notice cec was listed as version 4.02 on vpeter's, which seemed odd, as I thought it should be have been older? I think the official release was cec 4.01, correct?

    Been having a problem with my 3b+ and CEC. It sounded like these builds would have fixed it but I'm still having the same problem after trying 8.2.4 with the older libcec.

    When I have the pi and TV on, CEC is working, but when I turn off the TV and then turn it back on, CEC stops working. I need to change the input to something else and back to the pi to get CEC to function again.