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    Guys sorry to bring up such an old topic, but i bought one of these of ebay, ended up with something that is definatly fake, it doesnt even show up in the bluetooth settings, ive been holding home and back, just wanted to know if thats the correct procdure

    also to those who ordered this one:

    Original Xiaomi Mi TV Box Bluetooth Remote Control 2 10 m 360 Degree Smart Remote Controller For Xiaomi TV,TV Box 3 3c 3s 3pro-in Smart Remote Control from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group

    is it a legit one like the images or a fake one? and did it work as i might order from there



    You can not passthrough DTS HD-MA to your 55OLEDB7V because TV can not read this type of lossless audio stream. HDMI handchake information from your TV to the U9-H i saying " no I can not do this " and therefore no sound.

    When you use the USB test drive. The TV is decoding the core DTS file inside the container and you got DTS sound. But this is not lossless DTS-HD MA. It is corse DTS. This is for backwards compatibility.

    oh wow, thanks for saving me alot of time, guess everything it working as it should

    thankyou very much for taking the time mate

    Guys please help me out, i have a U9-H with overclock, everything works perfect but still no DTS-HD MA Passthrough?

    its a 55OLEDB7V

    if i plug a usb with the DTS test file it works and i get infomation that DTS is on,

    but kodi i just get no sound whatsoever, the only way i can get it to work is to turn off DTS/DTS HD-MA passthrough?

    any ideas why, its really bugging me its the only thing thats failing on this whole setup


    Have tried:

    Different HDMI cables - nope

    PCM / HDMI mode - nope

    flicked every swtich in the system/audio section - nothing

    This new S912 Krypton version in the following folder should fix the ppmgr_3d_mode error.

    There are also new kszaq S912 compatible device trees that are needed for GPU Overclocking.

    S912-Krypton-v8.2.4-AML folder

    That is as far as my support for personal releases goes.

    Hey bro im using LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.2.4-Chroma.444.img.gz, shall i go ahead and replace it all with the new version you posted? is that an update for it?

    Mine works just fine but it connected to/through the receiver. I have OLED55C7 but never checked if it supports DTS-HD MA.

    BTW, looks like your sound output through the TV speaker? How do you know it's not doing DTS MA? Where do you see the audio track info when directly connected to the TV?

    hi mate, well i used the hd ma dts demo file

    DTS Demo Trailers (DTS:X, DTS-HD MA, DTS 7.1, DTS 5.1)

    and also my UHD rips that are HDMA dont work when i tick "my device supports DTS HD", i get no sound, but the moment i untick it the sound comes back

    Guys ive just noticed my U9-H isnt doing any DTS HD MA passthrough, only time it works is when i turn support for it off in kodi, ive read around and it seems to work for everyone else? its connected directly to a LG 55 B7 OLED, ive messed around with every option with no luck? does it support it? ive downloaded the DTS test file too and no luck with that either