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    I am currently trying to setup a fresh LE headless on a Pi Zero W. The Wifi setup (as described above) worked like a charm but I am not able to get ssh working. Therefore, I placed the "ssh" file in the root directory of the boot-partition (smaller fat partition). However, I cannot connect via ssh ("Connection refused") nor is the ssh-file delete as stated in the manual page. Is there any hint on how to get ssh running without any screen, etc?

    Thanks a lot for all your effort and help!

    All the best,


    Dear awiouy,

    thanks for your fast reply - and sorry for my slow response.

    It works!

    You pointed me in the right direction. Avahi and "wait for network .." was not enabled. Nevertheless I thought I had enabled it in "Estouchy" skin. When I switched back to "Estuary" skin both where disabled. So I enabled them and now it works! Great!

    Thanks a lot!



    - is Avahi enabled in Settings/LibreELEC/Services?

    - Is Wait for network before starting Kodi enabled in Settings/LibreELEC/Network?

    Dear all,

    thanks for this nice addon! Hopefully you can help me - as I am new to Libreelec/kodiand really want to run librespot!

    i currently installed librespot (110 version) on my Kodi(Krypton) pi3 mediacenter. However, it is not listed in the list of available devices in the android app nor i-phone app.

    I installed the add-on with the default properties (also changes in the properties didn't worked out for me) and allowed other instances to remote control kodi. Do I miss something?

    Thanks in advance!