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    I am running the 8.2.2 image on an MX3-G and are mostly happy. The newest 8.2.3 version sadly does not work at all. During starting the libreelec logo is not centered, instead it is in the left upper corner. When the logo disappears nothing happens. Normally the kodi logo shows up and starts. I use a 4k TV if that matters.

    Kodi in libreelec runs a lot faster compared with the Android version, the movies don't shudder as they do a little bit in android (I don't know why this happens but it annoys me, libreelec is fine). But I have an issue which is not there in the android version. The box crashed if i try to display a 3d movie in 2d. Playing in 3d is fine but as soon as I switch to show as 2d the box goes black. Android works well, no issues.

    Anyone an idea how to solve my issues? Thanks!