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    Thank you. Now Power on/off works with LE. Have to check Android on internal again, after some minutes keyboard/RC does not reponse. System seems to be freezed. I used the ChimeyJimmey method.

    Now LE also freezed. How can i debug and help? With ADB? How can i get the bootloader log?


    Could i have this RAM chip? Found one single chip with D9TXF printed on. Clock rate 933Mzh, Data rate: DDR3-1866

    Semms to be a bigger problem, my keyboard locks and couldt not reboot/power off with RC. Will flash back the original Freaktab firmware and wait for a response of the guys here.


    it should boot from the sdcard2. Please note - the bootloader in the installation guide is only suitable for devices with LPDDR3 memory (blue pcb v5 and v6).

    I have the blue one S32-V6 (LPDDR3).

    I will try it again later. Maybe the second SD card is broken.

    Remote power trouble

    Maybe i dont understand it right. I boot with my normal LE sdcard, write zero to /dev/env and /dev/bootloader and than i insert the Emergency System and write the new boot loader?

    Did i forget something, because if i power off without a bootloader, the system doesnt boot? Or should it boot from SDCard2? Because in my case, it didnt work and i had to restore via USB Burning tool

    Here the small screen in the live TV channel list is stuttering or maybe just played with less fps. Is that normal? I use vnsi and the dev package from this thread for S912. If i enable debig loggin is see 16.7 fps in channel list and around 35-40 fps in fullscreen. Should that be 50fps if i set 50Hz?

    I'm waiting for the v8.90.7 with a lot of impatience.

    Do you have an estimated date ?

    Why waiting? In this time, you could test 8.90.6 or one of the devel-Packages.

    For me the devel-Package are running good. Some small stuttering in LiveTV sometimes at the beginning, or the playback stops, if i go into "Movies".

    Just for my information and maybe someone can use this too. I use LE9 (8.90.6 or later dev package).

    I used the [email protected] HD2400 profile in the Harmony Software, to get some more keys instead of using pivos xios ds.

    See the attached screenshot, how i configured the keys in the Harmony Software. Since Play and Pause had the same keycode (0x1f0f), i changed Pause to F3.

    I created a rc_keymap for LE9:

    My file also contains the keycode of the original RC including power.

    Loaded via rc_maps.cfg:

    One more question: Are there key shortcuts to open video/audio settings, when playing a movie or livetv? I would replace KEY_VIDEO and KEY_AUDIO by this.

    I have an Alfawise H96 Pro+ and currently i'm using the original RC most of the time. I also have a Harmony 900 and learned the keys from original RC. Now i'm thinking, if it is possible to use all keys of the Harmony, for example Forward, Rewind, Play, Stop, Record (for PVR), Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, ....

    The Original RC uses the NEC protocol? So can i choose a device in the Harmony config, that supports NEC and more keys? Any ideas? Which device could i use?


    Thank you, i will try this with the next update nagain. Maybe i missunderstood the update instructions:


    You should also download a new device tree, and put in Update folder with an update file. You should have both files in Update folder before rebooting. You do not need to rename device tree file before updating.

    BTW yesterday i had also big problems with LiveTV, audio out oft sync, sometimes stuttering video (VDR vnsi addon), but i see, there is already another thread here.