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    Hi Thomaz!

    Regarding those banding artifacts, you must know that in new CE release they are not showing, but there's visible flickering instead when HDR @ 444:10bit.

    With balbes150 release, you can avoid banding and flickering by configuring KODI Callbacks addon like this: HDR Banding issue - Vero 4K - OSMC Forums

    Take a look, it looks better almost on OLED TV.

    New devel release available here feedback would be appreciated.

    Hi GDPR-2

    I think i found a problem with autoresolution when OSD is setted to 1080p (almost)

    When playing 2160p60 or 2160p30 videos, KODI sets autoresolution at 3840x2160@15Hz making it flicker a lot.

    Tested with "jellyfish-120-mbps-4k-uhd-hevc-10bit" and "The_World_in_HDR_in_4K_HDR10" fyi.

    Don't know why, but it's not happening with 2160p24 videos, nor when OSD is setted 2160@60.

    Do you think it's related to new kernel??? Can it be fixed at anytime???

    Thank you.