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    Want to report on "Audio Loss" too. Here is what I found out:

    It started with Leia 23. I had no audio on some radiostations with Radio plugin, others were working fine. Same with local movies (didn't make a note on audio channels/codec). Local mp3 collection all played fine.

    My Harmony remote wasn't working fine with 23, so I considered it safer to revert to Leia 22 where everything was OK.

    Beginning this week, I updated to 24. Audio issues still the same. I investigated a bit further. My Sound setting in the System menu has digital HDMI as audio output device. As soon as I set it to Analog, the radio station that wasn't giving any sound, started to play normally. When i switched the setting to HDMI again, sound was gone. Back to Analog, but no sound untill reboot. So now I have the default output device set to analog (but further down the sound settings page all Passthrough functions are enabled with passthrough device HDMI) and with this setting all sound comes through from my available sources.

    PS: found out for the remote that disabling eventlircd restored the functionality from Leia22.