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    The Key is here ?

    "XBMC uses the compressed format DXT1 or DXT5 in the form of a .dds file. These are GPU-friendly compressed formats which allow for very fast loading of textures. It comes at the disadvantage of a loss in quality - DXT compression can in some cases be very bad quality. Kodi uses libsquish which is reasonably optimal at compressing the images. In the future Kodi may use DXT5 in the YCoCg colour space which is the same size as DXT5 (i.e. 8bits/pixel) but is visually close to being lossless. For now, if Kodi deems the quality isn't quite good enough to use DXT1 or DXT5, we use ARGB (i.e. 32bits/pixel) which can result in some very large images on disk. On systems with slow disk access, these may take longer to load than .jpg or .png versions."

    Isn't parameter imageres used to set max resolution? Set it to larger value?

    advancedsettings.xml - Official Kodi Wiki

    Thank you very much. But I think it's more complex? There are two types of impairments, varying according to the display mode.

    1) crenellation 2) blur

    But never the pockets reach the quality present on the TMDB site.

    I observe variable crenellation when the images are displayed in small, as is the case with the "wall" mode. But when I display the image in full screen, in "info" mode, and the crenellation leaves room for blur.

    I will still try your idea as soon as possible. Where can I find this tag? <images> 1080 </ imageres>

    (Sorry for the off topic, Modo, you can delete this message)

    "If, on the other hand, you just ramble I don't think you really understand the concept of a community project. [..] with pointless posts they have to wade through"


    Excuse me, but I do not find your interventions more useful than mine. I find you scornful. I am aware of the generous aspect that can exist in a dev. I myself have participated a lot in this type of community project, without visible recognition, and I do not care because recognition can take many forms. Today, my fight is elsewhere, but just as necessary.Je ne suis qu'un utilisateur de Kodi. Mon intervention vise à partager des idées. Je n'ai besoin de rien, je partage mon opinion, et cela me semble juste. N'est-ce pas le rôle d'un forum? Si oui, en quoi mon message est-il dangereux? Je ne suis pas au bon endroit? Ou devrais-je aller suggérer cela?

    Did you notice that the jackets were subject to compression that degrades their quality? Do you know if it's voluntary? Do you know if this also concerns the Kodi interface? Advance the background, rather than stopping to form ...

    Regarding the random pixel offset of the interface. (interface parameter: 4K @ 60ips) Do you also meet this problem? Do you know of a build that does not meet this problem?

    Good continuation.

    Et grand merci aux devs. Again, according to all my tests, this build is the best I've tested for UHD reading. (Broadband Ethernet, HDR management, etc.) Bravo!

    Hello :)

    If I had time, I would now work on the display quality of the interface and specifically the pockets for 4K screens. Because we observe that Kodi has a compression of photos, compared to the original available on the website TheMovieDataBase. It's a shame, because the S912 is largely powerful enough to handle a high quality interface. :D

    After multiple hack, I managed to restore my internet problems!

    I feel that there is a bug that is created when setting in a specific order ... I do not touch anything! I will now be able to advance in the test of this Devel. Thank you.

    The Coolest


    Ok, I'll do that after tomorrow, I'll have time. Can you tell me, what is the difference between gxm_q201_2g.dtb and gxm_q200_2g.dtb ? For the Beelink GT1, which one corresponds ?

    Devel + gxm_q201_2g.dtb : Blocks the box on the start screen.

    Devel + gxm_q200_2g.dtb : start + Ethernet detection, but network problem.


    Bricole : Thank you for the idea, but I already have enough remote to depress my family. In addition, it generates a restart time, and it makes crash CEC Ampli / TV / Box. I think it makes more sense to fix the bug ...

    While waiting for the update, I hesitate between 8.90.5 or Kodi v17.6. :/

    8.90.5 = random crashes

    v17.6 = local network bit rate bridged to 75Mb / s instead of 120 Mb / s (Squeeze on Billy Lynn movie)

    Highly 90.7. :D

    Good results according to you, are they necessarily the result satisfactory for all users? I do not want to get up to unplug / reconnect the device several times a day. I understand that it's a Beta, that's why I'm waiting for more ...

    According to my tests, the Devel of 09/04 corrects this problem. But, he creates this new internet problem ...

    Also, on all beta versions or not, there is a problem of image that slips randomly. Several people have reported it.

    I believe in the ability of the community to fix these little bugs!

    I take the one directly in the "device_trees" folder. The q201 dtb does not work. Ethernet port not connected. :/

    I take "", no boot. locked on "Beelink" logo. :(

    (I have everything installed on an external card)