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    Unfortunately there seems to be something going on with the AML kernel which intercepts certain keys and prevents them from been visible to the keymap editor, so some keys simply don't work. Its not a perfect vanilla transposition of the ir-keytable system as far as I can see.


    I have not run in to this.

    If a key is not remappable i would suspect these keys have not been defined through ir-keytable.

    In this case it might be worth it to re-do the ir-keytable config and check if all codes are properly defined.

    I have seen buttons on remotes that require a certain code to work in Kodi.

    But then again, i am by no means an expert with configuring remotes; i keep it as simple as possible and/or have always been lucky ;)

    Thanks for point it out. :angel:

    As I understand, one must use Lircmap.xml and/or remote.xml instead of keyboard.xml? (so many things have changed, seems like I been in coma for 10 years and them the world is changed... :cool:)

    Yes, lots of changes lately ;)

    From your other answer i am not quite clear where you get stuck. If your keys are recognized (so ir-keytable is doing its job) than i think the easiest way to finetune emote keys is through Keymap Editor addon (available in the official Kodi repo)

    bindou and anybody who has issues, please post them to github issues page as stated on the first page as it allows them to be better managed and stops the thread from becoming cluttered

    I will re-test DVB Channel switching again with latest devel and post on github when i get the chance.

    You (and others) don't get thanked enough. Thanks ! :)

    With v8.0.1l I had a working keyboard.xml mapping keys ("1", "2", ..."0") to specific functions, since my remote doesn't have PLAY or STOP buttons, for instance.

    They are not working anymore. Was there a change in Leia or something like that?

    (I only pretend to change remote keys behaviour, I don't use a keyboard)

    Question has been asked and answered repeatedly.

    Here it conmes one more time, please read:

    Infrared Remotes []

    I give up again. :( I had promised myself to wait for version 90.7; I should have listened to myself.

    Since these are alpha builds for testing puposes i would suggest to not give up (in fact, never give up ;) ), but rather reproduce the issue and send debug logs so these issues can be tackeled before final release.

    I experience similar issues still with DVB channel switching since 8.90.6+. No complete lockups, though.

    Channels freeze for about 8 seconds after a channel change in most cases.

    I have provided the debug logs where the isuue is reproduced, but i haven't noticed it being looked at @github.

    If this is not being worked on i'll try and reproduce again with next release in hopes that some dev can recognize and fix the issue.

    I have been testing the latest (*39536) dev build.

    System is m8s mini (s905).

    I am noticing black screen and/or freezes of the video while audio continues with LiveTV.

    I reproduced as follows:

    -Installed latest devel

    -Minimal settings (region,..)

    -Installed tvmozaic/dvblink addon

    - Turn on Debug Logging (comp: A/V/Timing)

    -Start Channel (HD). AV fine

    - Next Channel (HD) AV fine

    - Next Channel (HD) AVFine

    - Next Channel (SD) Image freezes, sound continues (about 8 secs before catching up)

    -Next Channel (SD) Fine

    -Next Channel (SD) Image freezes, sound continues

    - Next Channel (SD) Image freezes, sound continues

    - Next Channel (SD) Image freezes, sound continues

    - Stop

    Log attached.





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    I updated my existing 8.90.6 (adamg's dev) version, which has several a/v issues still (see adamg's release thread for details).

    First results for this build of yours are positive: The (very annoying) sound stuttering seem to be resolved!

    Video still stalls for some time at the start of some HD and SD streams, but no more sound stuttering...

    Thank you afl1 for your efforts. Much appreciated!



    Not in my case, unfortunately.

    So for any of you there are no persistant sound stutters after the stream has started/settled? Hm. Very noticable in my tests..hoping the log will reveal anything to GDPR-2



    I have tested @afl1's new testbuild which seems to resolve the sound stutter issue still present in the latest dev rel. from this thread.

    Thought i might share..! :)