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    Hi again :-)

    This was stupid easy to fix, but not that easy to debug - I have disabled Avahi a bit earlier, and this is why librespot failed.

    Fixed after I used dbus-monitor --system to find that when starting up, Librespot tries to register with Avahi, but the service is nowhere to be found.

    Stupid easy.

    That mentions a DNS error.

    Have you tried Settings/LibreELEC/Network/Wait for network before starting Kodi?

    I don't think that's it - the network is fully up, I'm actually starting librespot over SSH for debug. I just downloaded system-tools to help me debug, so I'm pretty certain network and DNS are working.

    Actually it doesn't even try DNS resolution at all before failing.

    I'm attaching strace of librespot startup, perhaps you'll be able to see something there?

    Thanks for that, however this is what's happening to me:

    How can I debug what's wrong?

    Hi awiouy, first of all - thank you for your work on the addon!

    As you mentioned, 109 is now outdated, and 110 has not been built yet for LE9. I'm an avid user, so I went to figure out how to configure build env, but I'm afraid I can't meet the requirements right now (decent CPU, 4 GB RAM, 20-25 GB SSD, Linux installed). If you have the build env ready, would you care to build the plugin for us, RPi2 users, and provide it here?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be most grateful :-)