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    maybe to circumvent the manual inserted "long" delay:

    a script under /storage/.config maybe named "" (without ' " ')



    sudo systemctl restart service.tvheadend42


    what it does: restarts tvheadend, which lasts only ~2 sec.


    is on your TV-Adaptor "initial scan" and "idle scan" on ?

    I had a delay for an first live-TV start (not while subseq. switching) on an 2-cable-DigiBit-config, where only the 2cd Adaptor had those setting on.

    - I mean that setting played well in 9.2.4... (I'm unsure) -

    Is there a way to mount an external USB HDD drive as read only? ...

    What holds you off from unmounting the USB-Disk after LE start and mount it as ro via an script ( in /storage/config ?

    the script could be (needs adjustment !):


    /usr/bin/umount /var/media/*;


    ntfs-3g -o ro <usb-disk-device-name> <mount point>;



    man ntfs-3g

    man mount

    maybe all 3 commands connected vi "&&".

    => excute the following command only if the previous returns true (error free)


    /usr/bin/umount /var/media/* && sync && ntfs-3g -o ro <usb-disk-device-name> <mount point>;


    I think there are just not enough NUC users at all to make this issue relevant.

    maybe you try another TvHeadend - if you are using TvH at all and see your bug only on TV material.


    Kodi crashes watching Sat-TV · Issue #17531 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

    and there comment from 20 Jun..

    I currently don't know if I got this bugs on 25fps material or on all.

    - btw: reporter sixpack58 is me (too) -

    I've tried all workaround mentioned here and elsewhere, but with no effort.

    Only TvH 4.3 fixed it. Seems curious, but artefacts are mostly and crashes are completely gone.

    - I hope we get an more current kernel with the next LE release, cause there went a lot of fixes for i915 in -

    see: drm-intel - Linux driver for Intel graphics


    I didn't read the complete thread, but 2 questions:

    Do you see stuttering with movies from TV (SAT, ...) only or from local movies or both.

    Why do I ask ?

    I saw artefacts only on TV material (SAT-TV), not on local movies.

    what indicates to me that the GPU (HW and all the involved software) isn't the culprit (alone).

    What's also curious:

    the boxed needed to play constant ~20 minutes to show the first artefacts and then the subsequent crash...

    Do you see such an behavior too ?

    A 2.4 GHz wifi channels are always occupied !

    - except you got a castle in the wood or on a hill (outside of all the "outlaws" out there) - ;-)

    what holds you off playing with the channels what the tool suggests ?

    but look at your screenshot:

    a) your wifi indicator (upper right corner of your smartphone display) says with your channel 1 nearly full wifi speed (until familia_antun moves again to channel 4 or so, I guess).

    b) channel 4 and 8 are both the flanks of "familia_antun's" parabola, so I would estimate more trouble there

    c) Famila_antun is the strongest wifi you see in your wifi equipment, so either go them completely out of their way(channels) or - according my writeup above - use extactly their channel.

    but it seems (your screenshot in comment #10) they use auto channel (yesterday 4, today 6): means you might never win until you do auto channel too - hoping the router software is smart enough -

    d) low parabola's means to me "far away" => less trouble.

    means Family "Zamblera" or "Capeta" could be your friend and I hope familia_antun wasn't smart enough to switch channel 13 on too.

    as said change the channel and wait some time that the routers wifi equipment settles, then switch off your PC-wifi card and on.

    Try to download a big file to see if the download speed change during download or if it is (nearly) constant.

    You need to download only some parts of the big file over some few minutes.

    usually you can see the download speed in the download manager of your web browser.

    Alternativ use a netspeed measure tool.

    a big file from an usually good connected download server is this:

    Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu

    I see with an nominal 50 Mbit/s internet connection ~5,8 MB/s as download speed (measured via LAN)

    - (ISP's nominal internet-speed div. by 8 ) - 10 % -

    tricky, isn't it ?

    what's about to rent a castle ;-)

    or alternativly move your wifi equipment to devices which could do wifi 5 Ghz ?


    what's the typ of your repeater ?

    could it do 5 GHz ?

    And change the routers password to a stronger one !

    - That default everywhere known router password also might lower the ability to rent the castle -

    Thanks for the reply. Answering you questions:

    I cannot pick a specific channel on my router, the "ISP" (I think it's called) doesn't lets me access the router config webpage. It asks for a password that I don't have. ..

    Usually the router password is in your manual.

    If don't own one anymore, find the typ of your router (backside label ?) and search the inet for a manual or password.

    then *I* would play/test with channel 13, 11 (and 4).

    keep in mind: if you change channels your wifi equipment need some time to settle (~2 minutes)

    maybe another place for your router could help (moving out of the range of "Familia_Antun").

    maybe nailed at the half high of your wall with free (!) "sight" into the room/to your wifi devices.

    Please post the typ of the router here, too.

    I'm far away from being an expert reading your log nor giving the right advice regarding your wlan problem, but some thoughts:

    first some keywords/commands to investigate/further reading:

    - wpa_supplicant
    - regdomain

    - iw

    what *I* find in your log:

    Jul 06 14:51:28 LibreELEC kernel: wlan0: deauthenticated from 62:02:71:8f:22:33 (Reason: 15=4WAY_HANDSHAKE_TIMEOUT)
    Jul 06 14:51:28 LibreELEC connmand[381]: wlan0 {newlink} index 2 address 90:F6:52:F9:3B:6C mtu 1500
    Jul 06 14:51:28 LibreELEC connmand[381]: wlan0 {newlink} index 2 operstate 2 <DOWN>
    Jul 06 14:51:28 LibreELEC wpa_supplicant[568]: wlan0: CTRL-EVENT-DISCONNECTED bssid=62:02:71:8f:22:33 reason=15

    there are reports in the inet that some versions of wpa_supplicant made simular trouble you reported.

    I currently don't know which version is in LE now nor do I know if that's the problem here.

    One other and me got a long term regdomain bug with atheros cards (disabled channel 12 and 13)

    some questions:

    is your router and your wifi card *always* able to see each other ?

    means: did you pick the right channel on your router ?

    the channel you picked yesterday doesn't means it works today too !


    2.4 GHz is usually populated. I see ~40 in my neighborhood. In germany I'm able to use channel 13. Channel 13 is mostly off per default on the neighborhood routers, so while free I could use it and prefer it mostly [1].

    On the other hand I made good experience to use the same channel from the strongest router signal I see in my neighborhood.

    Why ?

    if you have ever played with apps which display the wifi signals graphically, you know they are displayed as parabola's with it's apex above the choosen channel.

    if I choose (in an populated wifi area) a channel beween the apex and the intersection with the x-axis of the neighbor's parabola (signal) I get disturbances of my signal.

    the fewest disturbances do I get if my apex and the neigbor's apex are the same => the same channel.

    sounds funny ?

    physics teaches (sort of): waves with the same/different Phase's boos-t/destroy each other.


    and while the routers addional configured per default to "auto channel choosing" they move away (from my channel 13) some days later ;-)


    who is meant ?

    me ?

    sure it does:

    1. go to ubuntu's paste bin

    2. put in a name

    3. put in the text (the log file or a short text for testing)

    4. press the button "Paste!"

    5. watch the ending of the adress link has changed to something like this: ...


    for the record: *I* always test the instructions I post