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    with today nightly (nightly-20211225-9841784 (Generic.x86_64)) TvHeadend (v10.80.2.102) stopped working

    in it's service.log:

    /storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend43/bin/tvheadend: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    backup restore doesn't work/fixed it here :huh:

    anywhere to get the yesterday nightly ?

    I'm not sure what BD-ROM needs

    Blu-ray - Wikipedia

    => "Filesystem"

    Universal Disk Format - Wikipedia

    => "Compatibility" => "Linux kernel 2.6.26 and newer"

    so it should read that disk ...

    2021-12-22 20:44:40.188 T:2992628544 INFO: CD-ROM with unknown filesystem


    according to this:

    How to mount cdrom in Linux
    In this Linux mount cdrom tutorial, we cover the step by step instructions to mount a CD or DVD on a Linux system.

    one {s,c}ould identify the Type with command "blkid"

    P.S. LE machine is an Intel NUC NUC8i3BEK, 16GB RAM, Samsung SSD NvME 512GB

    OT, but out of interest (thinking about to screw a Samsung EVO Plus in that NUC)

    how hot does the NVMe get in that NUC ?

    on a comand line "sensors" should tell and should be something like this (this is from an 980 Pro with heat cooler in an Desktop):



    Adapter: PCI adapter

    Composite: +30.9°C (low = -273.1°C, high = +81.8°C)

    (crit = +84.8°C)

    Sensor 1: +30.9°C (low = -273.1°C, high = +65261.8°C)

    Sensor 2: +34.9°C (low = -273.1°C, high = +65261.8°C)


    maybe the install of "System Tools" is needed to get "sensors" (lm_sensors)

    I am thinking that this means what Joe Average was talking about above?? That the HD has some bad areas??

    Bad areas or Bad Blocks are damaged area's on a disk.

    Superblock are ~sorta~ additional copies of partition table/filesystem info's

    a partition table is created when you create a partition on the disk

    Superblocks are created when you create the ext4 filesystem

    e2fsck or fsck.ext4 checks Superblocks too

    if e2fsck cries regarding Superblocks something is up with your filesystem

    in general:

    a disk should always be unmounted when you

    - create a partition [1]

    - create a filesystem

    - fsck the filesystem (though, a readonly switch for mounted FS is available)


    afterwards the linux kernel isn't aware of the new created partition

    either a reboot or partprobe (thanks @frakkin64) should do the re-reading

    you could always feed google with the commands you aren't clear about e.g.

    man parted

    yup, in an initial draft comment I had SysRescueCD (~800 MB) with GParted, Graphical File manager to format, FS-check, copy, ... in my mind...

    I scratched that, cause live cd use some RAM and how could it influence long time copy/move of big data...

    My intention was to provide a working solution without unthought surprises

    I'm not sure if a graphical IF for smartmontools is available; couldn't find something on the GParted page

    fsck != smartctl

    coping data on bad disk causes bad data !

    and a MC is available too,

    all on board just some minor "command line gobbledeegook"

    redhat (RHCE) taught me "do the simplest thing first" and KISS (keep it small and simple)

    the test didn't finished:

    rebooted or suspended ?

    at the end:
    # 1 Short offline Interrupted (host reset)

    AFAIK, some disks survive a reboot and the test continues, but ...

    anyway, to me the disk seems good.

    check the others too


    you could run the tests at any time, even when the disk is filled with data.

    this test was only to make sure to not copy/move data to a bad disk

    nothings to thanks for.

    just help another user the next time...

    => b-o-o-s-t community

    to be honest: the last log files your provided (to me) have less worth to nail the bug, cause incomplete

    from the 1. : "daemon 'smbd' finished starting up and ready to serve connections" => all seems okay [1]

    from the 2.: something regarding Mesa => nothing to do with interrupted connections

    from the 2.: ... r8169 0000:03:00.0: invalid short VPD tag 00 at offset 1

    for the last one regarding r8169 (your LAN driver) I could find bug reports, but all aged, some years back and without solution.

    search string was "invalid short VPD tag"

    problems with LAN driver would support my theory it's network and not samba...

    therefore complete log files are needed !

    regarding incomplete logs


    to me it seems you didn't configured journald keeping the logs files (against @mglae's advise)

    didn't you ?

    maybe I'm wrong, but => "- Journal begins at Tue 2021-12-14 14:17:02 CET. --"

    when the logging begins after the error occured (you said: "I had the problem again a few days ago... versus "Journal begins at Tue 2021-12-14") then you can't find something about the error in that log's !

    is clear ?

    in general:

    - either you configure the box to keep the log's over reboots/shutdowns

    Addon => LibreElec Configuration => System => Logging => "Use Persistent Logs"


    - you keep the box (the samba server) running until the error occurs

    for the first case you should notice the date/time on a piece of paper when you mention the error on/with your second box for easier searching afterwards.

    are you able to ssh into the samba server then (right now after you mentioned the error) ?


    anyway, I compared the output of your testparm with a default (unchanged) from my nightly.

    I further need to mention:

    my samba isn't active.

    means it could be that some default entries changes during activation and I guess that is case for "username map"

    the diffs. are (first: my, second: yours):


    map to guest = Bad User versus

    map to guest = Never


    min domain uid = 1000 versus

    no entry in yours


    server min protocol = SMB2_02 versus

    server min protocol = SMB2


    username map = versus

    username map = /run/samba/

    hint: "username map =" is in my testparm empty

    other diffs.: I have in all shares [Update], [Video], ... additional this: guest ok = Yes

    hint: samba set some defaults, seeable via testparm, even if they're not explicit configured in smb.conf.

    "guest ok" could be one of them [2]

    I have no idea why all above diffs. exists, but for a test case your could put my entry (exclusive: "username map" !) in your smb.conf esp.

    "server min protocol".

    backup your current smb.conf before !!!

    your need to restart samba afterwards, usually with "systemctl restart smb" or a reboot of the box will do too

    (easily forgetable): your need restart samba everytime after you changed the smb.conf


    in ~20 years I've never seen that a samba server shares sometimes and sometimes not. [3]

    either it didn't start or it starts without to be able to make connections to it

    in short: to me it seems your problem is not samba


    I guess one could configure a complete empty [global]- section in smb.conf and all defaults are sharp.


    but I've seen this with file sharing between two M$ boxes (~ win XP <=> Win 9x)

    a by M$ known bug with attribut: Won't fix !

    digging the inet with "drivers/gpu/drm/i915/display/intel_dp.c:1918 intel_dp_max_link_rate+0x79/0x90"

    cause mostly one is not the only one on earth with a bug...

    and found some similar bug reports with black screens and such

    but all from 2014 or 2017, so they should be fixed and/or maybe they are not for all cases ...

    some thoughts:

    to me (I'm no developer) it seems the GPU driver crashes during negotiation about data rate and such and maybe reveals a up to now hidden bug which should be fixed (for ever)

    1. question:

    while we can't adjust TV output on the Brix via bios is there maybe a setting in the TV to (temporary) ~lower/limit~ the input ?

    2. Q.:

    you said you could install LE only with another monitor

    why not setup a LE release with that (good) monitor, update to nightly and connect the Brix to the problematic TV and see what happens ?

    maybe with a look into dmesg before and after OR the upload of both

    and surely with the parameter mglae suggested in comment #9

    advantage: a newer kernel (5.15.y) and therefore a newer GPU driver (where the bug is maybe already fixed ?!)

    I guess the i915 driver developer is interessed in "why the driver i915 crashes (only ?) on the problematic TV ..."

    maybe we get some useful input together ...

    3. Q.:

    the Samsung TV seems to be really new

    if correct:

    - does a samsung forum regarding that TV exists and is there some useful info's available (=> maybe another user and same bug) ?

    - maybe a newer TV firmware in the pipe ?


    comments/thoughts/rotten fruits ?


    you know to how to get a nightly installed while no usb creator is available ?

    - will tell if not -

    I think that's it.

    to me the above translates to "das war's im Sinne "es ist fertig/erledigt" so I guess you meant "I think that it is" ( es doch)

    und das grin-smiley wirkt abstossend (war das so gemeint ?)