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    yup, mentioned this: "...suppressable via an config file..."

    but that wasn't my point.

    doing as you suggests, includes that one could forget that debug is on what - IFAIK - fills the the log and/or an increased writting on ssd and such.

    at least I really would have an "inconspicuous reminder" that debug is on

    currently setting debug on displays a jumpy info (log, mem,cpu) on the display.

    IIRC it's suppressable via an config file, but...

    I would like to have

    - an option in settings to set debug on without the above jumpy info and

    - an small info (one liner) signaling debug is on, lets say "Debug on/enabled" or such on the screen

    nightly-20210129-f41aa8c with the above kodi.conf


    Ubuntu Pastebin

    why a kodi.old.log only ?

    well, the box didn't crash (no crash log generated).

    the running TV channel/broadcasting was just frozen.

    no black screen or crash.

    box was pingable, but no ssh into it anymore.

    hard reset needed to get it live again.

    crash_log with LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.80-nightly-20210128-fb96fe2:

    Ubuntu Pastebin

    - pastecrash didn't work (no link returned) -

    dmesg's last line:

    [ 4501.067910] VideoPlayer[938]: segfault at 7efdec003870 ip 00007efdec003870 sp 00007efdd57f0578 error 15

    TvHeadend service.log:

    Ubuntu Pastebin


    on the above NUC connected to the same DigiBit with TvHeadend 4.3 running the same TV channel I also see in the web-IF Continuity error's, but so far (TV is running ~30 minutes) only 1.

    If you continue to paste logs from both machines maybe someone can see a pattern ...

    okay, I'll try to provide a crash_log with debug on.

    one question: should I run the newest nightly or leave it with the yesterday's one ?

    - update -

    crashlog with yesterdays nightly:

    last line from dmesg:

    [ 254.928231] VideoPlayer[933]: segfault at 50 ip 00007f808ac9d2fa sp 00007f7ff27f2580 error 4 in[7f808ac98000+2a000]


    - Intel NUC 8i3BEH with Intel Corporation Iris Plus Graphics 655


    - LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.80-nightly-20210124-164b0f6 and former


    - Tvheadend, pvr.hts


    after some time watching Sat-TV the screen gets increasing artefacts/stuttering with an subsequence black/crashed screen.

    on the same box LE (release 9.2.6) with TvHeadEnd 4.3 runs without errors.



    The TVheadend server is set to the correct timezone (CET/CEST) automtically via NTP and the client to the correct regional setting. (also via NTP)

    The time in the upper right corner is correct.

    This problem occures only on my Libreelec/Raspi systems, not on the Windows/Kodi-systems. There the EPG is aligned correct.


    No idea regarding Raspi's, but in the network setting (LE-Config-AddOn) there is a setting regarding ntp too. (deep, where you configure the DHCP and such)

    at least on my generic LE (auto added during install)

    if you're using an Fritzbox:

    you could configure it to provide the ntp server in you network

    So did it get any better with LibreELEC nightly builds? In a couple of months Kodi 19 should be ready so I am asking the alpha and beta testers if it's still stuttering on Intel NUCs w/ 25Hz content.

    from my side: a clearly NO.

    my last two comments are still valid.

    my last tests with the last nightly's on an usb-stick installed during the last 2-3 week revealed that the screen (not the whole box) is crashing.

    I guess it's cause there is no nightly tvheadend (see comment #84 and #82) for LE nightly to test with.

    Sat-TV runs fine for ~20-30 minutes with some small amount of artefacts (2-3).

    then suddenly the screen goes black and never comes back, audio is still running.

    I need to stop the play and restart, then after a further ~30 minutes I see the next black screen and so on.

    running tail -f <log files> I see a increasing number of "Continuity counter error" from 1 to ~50 during 5 minutes, then the screen crashes.

    LE release with an nightly tvheadend runs fine without artefacts on the same environment and I guess with the same amount of "Continuity error".

    I haven't reported it since now, cause there is already a simular report. [1]

    daily reading the git's of LE, Kodi, Tvheadend, ..., and testing nightly from time to time I'm waiting for a nightly tvheadend for the nightly LE. I've read there will be one, but the new year is still young ...

    that's said:

    it shouldn't hold you off to test nightly yourself, maybe your problem is apart from mine.

    otherwise we should start an petition with the 2 requests:

    - nightly (!) TvHeadend

    - update function for nightly


    any idea how and where to paste/upload an ~8 MB kodi-crash-log ???


    found a way: attached as zip (tvheadend-service.log, kodi-crash.log)



      (75.93 kB, downloaded 30 times, last: )

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    I was joking ! :)

    a link to that magic "Wonderwall song" would shade some light.

    the only song I currently could remember of where the word "said" is iterated, is:

    Simple Minds - All The Things She Said -

    I thought already it was a "special" release and I was wondering for what.