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    Bios Keys (if unknown):

    F2 bios config./settings

    F7 bios update (with *.bio on an usb stick, OS independent Bios updates)

    F10 boot menu

    Tips regarding Win install:

    - you could use the link from comment #13 "c't Notfall..." => the first 64 bit, german

    - don't let you trick by MS's insist (insistance ?) to need an online account during install (use Domäne beitreten ...)

    - the rest of setting during install: as you wish and no need to spent a lot of time

    - if it comes to that point somehow: don't use the driver offered by windows update (they are downsized), use only (!) the Intel one's from their site

    Tips regarding driver (in that sequence):

    copy-pasted from the readme in the "Bundle Drivers":

    1. Intel® Chipset Device

    2. Intel® Management Engine Consumer Driver

    3. Intel® Graphics DCH Driver

    ?. Intel® Serial IO Driver (don't know which function is has, but it won't hurt)

    ?. Intel® Ethernet (isn't necessary for the HDMI update)

    ?. Realtek* High Definition Audio Driver (last time I didn't install it for an HDMI update)

    that's all driver we/you need.

    - reboot Windows after driver install so that all driver are sharp

    - you'll find in the device manager some unsatisfied entries - cause we didn't install all driver -

    - chipset and most important graphic should be satified !

    - HDMI is an extra download (not in the bundle) !

    - HDMI update works without LAN/WIFI


    a) BIOS ?

    last is 87.

    is yours current ? (NUC booted with F2-Key pressed/tapped)


    either it's in the bundle too or later (anytime and any OS) via an '.bio on an usb stick

    b) Secure Erase SSD (if needed)

    - software comes from your manufacturer

    usually (I got a Samsung SSD) they build an usb stick to boot with. (suprise: they boot an linux :love:)


    I thought that you're an german


    I hope the whole effort works out regarding your initial sound problem.


    in comment #13 I provided a link to an german Win10 ISO.

    what is your native language or more accurate: are you able to read/understand german ?


    the link to heise site also provides an environment to build an WinPE.

    moons ago I fetched that and build an WinPE (~1.5 GB), but in 32 bit and german only.

    I guess the 64 bit driver from Intel might not install there, so I need to build an 64 bit WinPE.

    so I tried an PE laying around (hbcd_pe), but after an test with an hbcd_pe_x64, I must realize that that didn't work.

    Intel driver install run into error, cause - I guess - .net seem not included in hbcd or maybe something else ...

    "surprises sponsored by MS" ?!


    there are few options I currently see:

    1. (work expensive to me, but ...)

    - I get an english Win 10 64 bit

    - I build an WinPE from that with .net included

    - I test if Intel driver install in that WinPE (result might NOT be satisfying)

    - I upload that WinPE, where you could fetch it

    - you need an Windows PC (friend ?, ...) to bring the WinPE.iso on an usb stick (~8 GB size) or - unusual these days - an DVD

    2. you make an backup of your current LE and save it offline OR you get an spare 2.5" Disk/SSD

    - to install an Intel-driver-featured Win10 64 bit

    - update HDMI in an safe way

    - re-install LE and restore the backup

    3. (risky)

    - HDMI flash under the hbcd_pe (as is, means few/no (?) Intel drivers)

    Hiren's BootCD PE

    ~1.5 GB

    *I* tend to option 2.:

    - cause less work for me :cool: -

    - cause it's the safest way !

    - cause an running usb on *my* box doesn't necessarily mean it will run on *your* box too (see above "surprises" and is this case: "... by Intel and MS")

    - and cause I guess you got an SSD in your NUC.

    Right ?

    If so, you are able to secure erase your SSD too (to bring it to nearly maiden speed again, if it was running some moons).

    And most secure erase tools run on windows only, too.

    secure erase also means an - hopefully [*] - empty/clean disk ...

    to me, that task is triggered, when an fresh/clean install with an shiny new LE 10 is released and the SSD was in use for 6 or 12 month.

    currently I'm thinking to do option 2 in the next days here too and switch - after HDMI update, secure erase - to LE nightly...


    AFAIK, it's not clear if secure erase cleans really all data blocks on an/every SSD.

    yes, but wait some hours, I'll check that.

    what I know for sure:

    You're able to install drivers under an from a USB running windows 10 ( Win 7 wasn't able to do that !)


    do you got a 2cd box with windows around or an linux to install VBox on it ?


    - get the 64 bit Windows from the heise site

    - get the driver bundle from the intel site (only 64 bit driver)

    - get the HDMI flash tool from the intel site (it's not in the bundle)

    Need Windows installed on my NUC to update HDMI? What... 😂

    Oh my god.


    it seems wise to install the intel driver's for the NUC under windows (at least chipset, graphic), too.

    a somehow damaged flash could lead to an damage LSPCON (see photo).

    I wouldn't risk it !

    a link for windows 10 iso:

    c't-Notfall-Windows 2021 | c't Magazin

    I mean I did an full featured window 10 install on an USB-Stick.

    - I'll check that the next hours after an doc date this afternoon, stay tuned ... -

    Q.: should "Nuc Bi5BEH" read "Nuc 8i5BEH" ?

    if so:

    i'm running an 8i3BEH (also a "Bean Canyon" with lower CPU) and my sound is routed through an Philips Monitor (not an TV Monitor, Typ: see photo)) via HDMI and further to an 2.1 speaker system via headphone out (Monitor)

    I haven't had any problems you described nor with LE 9.2.6 neither nightly.

    attaching photo (sound setting in LE, Bios sound settings)

    - edit -

    I guess Da Flex means with "EFI settings" the Bios Settings (?!)

    hit F2-Key during start of the NUC

    - Hooray -

    the addon runs well since >1h (tested on Generic LE nightly-20210222-d8710b2)

    usually with the default 4.2 watching Sat-TV kodi would have been crashed, so it seems it fixes my crashes [1]

    also my Continuity Error's stay low, too (currently 3), usually they blow up (> 100)

    !!! Thanks !!! :cool:

    - where is your PM with your bank account, CvH ? -

    the only thing I can see is that the Web-IF logs nothing (see attached screenshot) until epgdb kicks in, while /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.tvheadend43/service.log shows entries (tail -f in an terminal).

    - not that dramatic for me -

    I'll investigate further and if all stays well, I'll update my bug reports.


    my bugs:

    VideoPlayer segfault · Issue #19152 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub


    Kodi crashes watching Sat-TV · Issue #17531 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub


    thats Tvheadend 4.2 not 4.3

    mine is 4.3 like the tile of that thread might spoiled :)

    thanks for lightning fast support !!!

    well, my question was more focused on internals then "outer" numbers.


    addon installs fine on last LE-nightly.

    needed to disable the elder addon from nightly (4.2)

    - if one stumbles on it: both addon (4.2 + 4.3) are "sharp" if it wasn't a fresh/clean/new LE-nightly-install (will test that too...) -

    just running a new tvh-setup with 4.3 ... and I'm really curious if it will fix my crash bug too...

    stay tuned !

    ping CvH

    how much beer(s) I need to "sponsor" to see a TvHeadend -ge (greater than or equal) 4.3 for the shiny new LE (after it's released) ?

    but be aware 8):

    - I got NO paypal account and won't get one, so only your bank account delivered via PM are an option for sponsored beer(s)

    - the amount of beer will be limited, cause I'm "the poorest - in any sense - JoeAverage on earth"

    - beer(s) should be shared with other LE-/Kodi-Developer's in your surroundings to encourage "community-based beer-induced brainstorming's"

    I'm not very convinced from that statement "LE 10.0 will be stable release for Generic..."

    I'm running nightlies since some weeks/months, but my bug is still there

    - didn't test the lastest nightly though (will do right now [*]), cause I didn't see changes regarding my bug in the git's -

    I hope for the LE project I'm alone with this bug, but...

    - I tested one 2 diff. machine (both Intel though)

    - to me it seems there are obvious some things going on which could (!) crash kodi watching SAT-TV and it - alas - does on my boxes

    - I'm waiting on an TvHeadend 4.3 for the new LE Release to test with (it seems it fixed a simular bug moons ago)

    - last two chance for me:

    1. test with an PCI-SAT-Card (currently DigiBit R1, though that equipment works with TvHeadend 4.3 on LE 9.2.6 flawless ...)

    2. test with an linux distro with kodi/TvHeadend

    current bug:

    VideoPlayer segfault · Issue #19152 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub


    VideoPlayer Segmentation fault

    elder bug:

    Kodi crashes watching Sat-TV · Issue #17531 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

    - update 1 -


    last lines of dmesg (with LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.80-nightly-20210215-e056168.tar):

    [ 1856.135674] VideoPlayer[945]: segfault at 20000 ip 0000000000020000 sp 00007f3846ff3578 error 14 in kodi.bin[400000+f7b000]

    [ 1856.135690] Code: Unable to access opcode bytes at RIP 0x1ffd6.

    LibreELEC:~/0_TMP # uptime

    19:18:16 up 36 min, load average: 1.04, 1.02, 0.96

    - update 2 -

    Tvheadend 4.3 arrived today - thanks CvH - and seems to fixes the above crashes