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    Great work on the .111 update! Works like a charm!

    One question: by installing this .zip update, I'm prolly disconnected from the main repo, not? So I will not receive the new updates automagically?

    Need to reinstall from the main repo at the end of the week?

    Getting some errors as of lately. Just stopped after few seconds of audio. Log:

    I use HifiBerry DAC+ with Librespot without issue. You will have to edit `/flash/config.txt` accordingly.

    I have RPI2b with HiFiBerry Digi+ pro and with the latest LibreElec, this setup is working out-of-the-box. Just some setting changes in the GUI.
    HifiBerries were integrated into Open-/LibreElec: HiFiBerry site


    Alle newer versions of OpenElec (starting with version 6) and all LibreElec versions use the device-tree method to configure the board.

    If you have already flashed the EEPROM of your DAC+ Standard/Pro or Digi+, the card will be automatically detected and you only have to configure it in the settings menu.

    Librespot is working great since the last update. Thanks!

    However, I'm wondering how I can get rid of the gap/pause between songs. Some albums are based around songs flowing from one into another, and it's kind of disturbing to suddenly have a few seconds of silence...

    I'm not fully sure, but my thing seems to be qorking again with the 8.2.110 update.

    However, I was quite confused with the new "initial audio level" setting. 50% is quite low.
    What is the purpose of the setting?

    Ok, LibreSpot now starts up, but I cannot always connect from our android spotify app. Log:

    Sorry for opening the issue at github. I'm new to this. Thanks for the great add-on by the way.

    I will post the log as soon as the other issue reoccurs.

    Ok, just read back a few posts, and saw that I had to enable the "wait for network before starting Kodi". That worked.

    HOWEVER, that does not explain why the spotify connect point disappears (or doesn't want to play) after I've played another media source...

    edit: plus LibreElec/Kodi takes quite some more time to start up now. No other add-on was having these problems. Should the time-out not be introduced in the LibreSpot add-on?

    After installing out-of-the-box LibreSpot 8.2.108 (from the default repo) on out-of-the-box LibreElec 8.2.3 (Kodi Krypton 17.8), everything worked fine. After a reboot the device is not discoverable. By using the Kodi GUI My Addons -> Services -> LibreSpot en selecting "update", the service seems to be started again (even though I 'updated' to the same version). I have to repeat this every (re)boot.
    Same occurs after playing another source: LibreSpot cannot be discovered until "updated".

    I don't know how to debug this, so please let me know how I can support.