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    Just did a clean install on a Nexbox A95X. And every thing works just fine;)

    Have you been able to get the original remote to work in mouse mode? I have been unable to get it to work in mouse mode ever since the changeover to the LE driver instead of the Amlogic driver. Other than that, the new version is very good, smooth and fast.

    Working for Nexbox A95X 2GB. If you use 1GB box, please change dtb to gxl_p212_1g.dtb .

    All the best. ;)

    My remote is working correctly for the nexbox a95x except for the mouse function. I can't switch the remote to it. I suspect that this is not a standard KODI remote function but an amlogic one so with the switch to the new driver, there is no way to map it to the remote.

    Very unfortunate because I used to use it on occasion.