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    I tried to use your example but is not so clear. Let me explain...

    - X92: ok easy

    - rc_maps.cfg: ok easy

    - 98-eventlircd.rules: why blank? The file is empty

    - Lircmap.xml: is to define relations between key definition in X92 and LIRC keys?

    - keymaps.xml: is to define relations between LIRC keys and KODI commands?

    If I understand 0x140 KEY_POWER of X92 is related to <power>KEY_POWER</power> of Lircmap.xml that is related to

    <power>ShutDown()</power> and <power mod="longpress">ActivateWindow(ShutdownMenu)</power> of keymaps.xml so KODI is able to "shutdown" the system in a short press of 0x140 and shows the "ShutdownMenu" when long press is fired. Is that right?

    The other are the same for other keys and commands. Right?

    Where can I find the definition of the other sections? I mean global is used everywhere, home the main form, TVRecordings ? TVTimers? Some definition is clear but other not so much, Is there a guide where every section is explained?

    Many thanks for your support!