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    I realize this may be disloyal to this forum but Alex has Leia 18.2 RC1 working great on the ARM. I've SD installed the AlexELEC-S9XX.arm-3.0.4.img.gz
    on my MINIX NEO U9-H and AlexELEC-S812.KII.arm-3.0.4.img.gz on my Matricom Q2 both are working great once you figure out how to change the language which comes up in Russian.

    AlexELEC-3.0.4 (Amlogic S805 / 812/905/912)

    Systems for Amlogic S805, S812, S905 / S905X / 905D / 905W and S912.

    Main software:

    • Linux-3.14.29 The nucleus of the project "OSMC" (S905)
    • 3.10.108 Linux kernel (S805 / 812)
    • What git 18.2 RC1: f7242ad
    • TVIP 3.8.25 (S805/812)
    • Tvheadend v4.3-1771 & Tvheadend v4.2.8-14
    • Oscam 1.20 rv11504-emu790
    • AceStream 3.1.33
    • TorrServer 1.0.65
    • youtube-dl 2019.01.30.1
    • Tvheadend HTSP Client AE 5.4.14
    • PVR IPTV Simple Client AE 4.5.7
    • Skin Arctic: Zephyr AE 2.3.20
    • Skin Aeon Nox Silva AE 6.1.9
    • Аддон Keyboard Layout 1.0.0

    Added driver Wi-Fi module - "SCI s9082c" (thanks @Cmlog).

    Added build for Amlogic S805 with 512 MB of RAM - "AlexELEC-S805.MXQ_V31.arm".

    For consoles on Amlogic S905 (X / W / D) and the S912 uses the same system - "AlexELEC-S9XX.arm".

    Added additional color management options, playback and overclocking GPU.

    LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.2- + gxm_q200_2g_minix_neo_u9.dtb

    Flashed to a 16GB USB Stick booted into my Minix U9-H.

    Functions fairly well except for only playing audio in stereo. When I select 5.0 channels, I lose the center channel when playing 5.1 video streams.

    Pandoki only plays one selection for any of my radio stations.

    I've generated and attached a log of these two problems. Hopefully it will give you enough information to further enhance this build.

    Thank you for the work you're doing.

    Is anyone else having trouble with powering on the device? I have a number of Matricom Q (M8) & Q2 (M8S) boxes that are running this image very well. The only issue is that once you power off they will not power back on. I have to repower to get them back.

    Amy ideas? Thanks.

    I'd appreciate if you could tell me how you installed "this image" on your Matricom Q2. Are you running it from NAND or from an SD/USB which is the configuration I'm looking for.

    Thank you.


    Thanks for responding. I brought up BootCamp and wrote a USB using Rufus. Same result - Q2 didn't boot from it. Both Rufus and the LibreELEC change the USB from 16GB Fat32 to MS-DOS (FAT16) with the resulting size change. So I guess that's by design.

    Perhaps someone who had success loading a Matricom Q2 will fill me in.



    I've been trying to load the latest LibreELEC-S812.arm-17.6_20180122-LAN_100.img.gz onto my Matricom Q2 using the toothpick reset method to no avail. I've flashed the .img file using the LibreELEC tool for the Mac. I also wrote the .img using the MacOS DiskUtil terminal commands to both an SD and a USB and inserted both into the Q2. All of my attempts have resulted in only the Android Recovery page never a boot from the SD nor USB. I tried both reboot options on the recovery page but they each brought up the Matricom GUI.

    I've verified via adb that the contents of both the SD and the USB are located off of /storage as udisk0 and udisk1.

    I want to run from the SD or the USB and leave the Android side as it is.

    Reading previous posts on installing LibreELEC on the Matricom Q2 seems to indicate that the toothpick method loaded the .img file directly.

    Is it necessary to install a dual boot utility on the Matricom Q2 before the toothpick method will load and run either the SD or USB .img? If so, I'd appreciate a working link to it.