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    I am looking to get a new TV box that supports 4K HDR LE Kodi, if possible that always works stable in dual boot mode with android.

    I previously had a H96 Pro + 3GB/32GB but the box was unstable. I managed to flash it with new android fw 7.1.2 and also with LE . Booting into android almost never happened, and when it happen the box would freeze after a few minutes. Booting into LE works, but it would freeze up after a minute or something. So I tried all sorts of things to get the box working, but I guess it was just a faulty box and I have returned it and got a refund.

    So I am looking for a new box that can run smoothly. I read in previous comments that the KM8 Pro or Mecool M8S pro L are recommended. However, to connect my surround system to the box I would need an SPDIF interface and both of these boxes don't have that. Can someone recommend a box that will run as good and reliable as KM8 Pro or Mecool M8S, but with SPDIF interface. And also confirm that the box actually performs well (no freezing issues). One box that got my attention was the Vorke Z6 or Vorke Z1, does anybody have a good experience with these boxes? (what is btw the difference, between the 2 of them the specs look similar), because for the Vorke Z6 I read on freaktab that it has a heating issues as well that causes the box to freeze. Thanks!